2019 national AGM minutes

(Taken by Courtney, prettied by Malcolm)

Minutes of 2019 NZLARPS National AGM

Meeting opened 7pm.

Attending: Mel Duncan, Courtney Parnell, Dylan Tiller, Callum Upton, Toby Stewart, Brooklynne Michelle, Lee Patrick, Liz and Bradley Blucher; Malcolm, Sally, Donna, Russ Kale, Morgan, Sarah D, Mani, Anneke, KJ, Alastair, Derek, Rowena, Stephen, Jen Hay via Zoom.

Quorum is 30% of 128 members, or 39 people. 67 e-votes received, so we are quorate.

Approval of last year’s minutes

  • Motion to approve minutes, seconded. 2 abstentions. Motion passed!

Approval of Accounts

  • Reports are as accurate as can be as treasurer position was filled last minute. Net profit was about $8,000.
  • Motion to approve accounts. Motion passes unanimously.

Reports from committee

  • Secretary and IT reports are on Diatribe here.
  • President gave an oral report: “We did things and it was great!” She had a great time looking after things and is going to look forward seeing how the new committee does when she runs away and does a sci-fi convention.
  • Secretary report on Diatribe. 128 members in total, up from 114 from last AGM. Slight decrease in Auckland and slight increase in Wellington.
  • IT report on Diatribe. Not much to report overall. Minor maintenance and upgrades but big projects to happen over time.
  • Marketing report: President gave radio interview.
  • Treasurer: Nothing to add on top of accounts
  • All of the reports were unanimously accepted.

Election of returning officer

  • Russ nominated self. No abstentions or declines. Passed.

Election of the new national committee.

  • 67 Responses overall
  • Results were recovered from SurveyHero and the following people were declared elected:
    • President: Lee Patrick
    • Secretary: Sally Hayes
    • Treasurer: Brooklynne Michelle
    • Marketing: Courtney Parnell
    • IT Officer: Naomi Guyer
  • The SurveyHero results can be viewed here.

Other business

  • The Horrors of GST: NZLARPs have to comply with GST by October 19th. Project members are told to ensure GST is included in all of their budgets and purchases.

Meeting concluded 7.30pm.