National AGM 2020: Minutes




Lee Patrick (Chair), Sally Hayes (Minutes), Jen Hay, Courtney Parnell, Alistair Kirkby, Naomi Guyer, Toby Stewart, Malcolm Harbrow, Brooklynne Michelle, Derek Tomes


  • Accept minutes from 2019
  • Accept financial report
  • Reports from committee
  • Elect returning officer
  • Election of 2021 committee


Motion to accept minutes from 2019

  • Lee moves to accept the minutes, seconded by Sally
  • 1 abstention, all else in favour
  • Motion passed

Motion to accept financial report

  • Question from Auckland re: donation amounts and whether GST has been taken into account
  • Courtney moves to accept the financial report, with the condition that the national treasurer will confirm the donation amount with the Auckland treasurer, seconded by Malcolm
  • Motion passed unanimously

Reports - all reports can be found here and were read more or less verbatim

  • President’s report read
  • Secretary’s report read
  • IT report read
  • Marketing report read
  • Brooklynne and Naomi are happy to train apprentices who would like to take on the roles of Treasurer and IT Officer

Election of Returning Officer

  • Lee nominates herself for returning officer, Brooklynne seconds
  • Unanimously accepted

Election of Committee

  • President: Robert Shaw
  • Secretary: Sally Hayes
  • Treasurer: Brooklynne Michelle
  • IT Officer - Naomi Guyer
  • Marketing - Courtnery Parnell

Quorum is reached. All elected to their roles. Summary report from SurveyHero can be found here - there were no members present who had not voted on the e-ballot, so no votes were collected at the meeting.

Action Items

  1. Treasurer to confirm with Auckland treasurer about donation amounts in the financial statements
  2. Secretary to update committee information and financial statements for the Society

Next Meeting Agenda

  • Accept these minutes

  • Accept the financial report

  • Reports from the committee

  • Elect returning officer

  • Elect committee for 2021

  • Any other business

Meeting closed at 7:02 PM