National Committee Reports 2019

Secretary’s Report

We have 128 members (56 in Auckland, 48 in Wellington, 7 in Greater Waikato, and 17 in the South Island), up from 114 last AGM, but still not as high as our 2016-17 peak. There has been a significant increase in Wellington, thanks largely to Consequence, but a slight decrease in Auckland. The latter is part of a long-term trend - Auckland had almost 80 members 3 years ago - and one it would be good to correct.

I have spent a significant amount of time this year dealing with our bank to update our account signatories and get them approved, and more recently on working out how we can comply with our legal obligations around GST. I’ve also spent some time on Privacy Act compliance and purging non-member data from our membership database - a surprising number of people sign up on the website, but never join, and there was no case to continue holding their information. Other than that it has been the normal duties of processing memberships.

This is my final report as secretary. After six years doing this job, it is time for someone else to have a go. Hopefully I’ve left things tidy for them.


IT Officer’s Report

Not much to report overall. This term has been about minor maintenance and upgrades. There are still a few projects in the backlog, but they are large tasks that will require a time investment. The biggest will be the php upgrade, silverstripe 4, & moving what is larp to live within the same admin as NZLARPS , which should all happen in order, and preferably around the same time. For now I’ve focussed on security patching our existing systems, as time hasn’t proven to be something I have a lot of in the past year.

Also, I need to put in my apologies for the AGM. I will be travelling, and not able to attend.

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