2019 National Treasurer's Report

Hey everyone,

I have attached the 2019 Balance sheet and the Profit And Losses Statement.

A few notes; one I have only had full treasurer access for the last month so have been playing catchup. Two, in regards to how I coded props etc, was as such under $100.00 is Gear(Consumable) unless obviously an asset (ex.Tea Set) anything over was coded as an Asset. Any Koha’s to cooks, what coded under food and catering.



NZLARPS Profit and Loss Statement 2018.pdf (274.5 KB) NZLARPS Balance Sheet 2018.pdf (271.3 KB)

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Last year’s, for comparison:

Auckland has rebuilt its finances. Wellington is currently sitting on a pile of pre-payments for Consequence.

As we had turnover of more than $60,000, we will have to register for GST within 21 days. The committee is discussing this, but it will mean changes to project workflows so we can comply with our legal obligations.

Gosh, that’s a healthy profit on the year. Go team!


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