2018 National AGM Minutes

Minutes of 2018 NZLARPS National AGM

Meeting opened 18:55

Attending: Callum, Toby, Norman, Mel, Naomi, Anthony, Rebecca, Courtney; Gecko, Malcolm, Philip, Sarah, Mike, Rowena, Alastair, Derek, Nikki, KJ, Karen by video link.

Quorum is 30% of 113 members, or 34 members. 71 e-votes received, so we are quorate.

Approval of last year’s minutes

  • 1 abstention (Alastair), everyone else in favour.

Approval of accounts

  • Anthony ran us through the financial statements, which covered same of the same ground as his Treasurer’s report. All in favour of approval.

Reports from committee

  • Copies of all reports other than the President’s are on Diatribe here.
  • The President gave a brief oral report: “Everyone else did the really hard work, and that’s the report”. Expanded it to mention work on privacy statement and online voting. Report accepted (4 abstentions, rest in favour)
  • Secretary’s report (on Diatribe) accepted (1 abstention, rest in favour)
  • Marketing officer’s report (on Diatribe) accepted (1 abstention, rest in favour)
  • IT officer’s report (on Diatribe) accepted (1 abstention, rest in favour)
  • Treasurer’s report (on Diatribe) accepted (all in favour)

Election of returning officer

  • Callum Upton was nominated for returning officer. Approved (1 abstention, rest in favour)

Election of the new national committee

  • everyone had already voted online. No-one in Auckland wanted to vote in person. Results were recovered from SurveyHero and the following people were declared elected:
    • President: Mel Duncan
    • Secretary: Malcolm Harbrow
    • Marketing Officer: Courtney Parnell
    • IT Officer: Naomi Guyer
  • The SurveyHero results report can be viewed here.
  • The position of Treasurer is vacant due to lack of nominations. The committee will discuss whether to appoint someone or hold an online SGM to elect someone. Derek suggested paying an honorarium of $500 - $1000 to the Treasurer might help. Alternatively, we could hire an accountant to do the actual work.

Meeting closed 19:30.

And thanks to Courtney for doing the actual work on this - I just did the posting bit.