Official Announcement of 2019 National AGM - 13 October 2019

This is our official announcement that we’ll be holding the National AGM this year. We’re going to aim for 13 October, 2019, with videoconference capacity all over the country. This is the same day as the Wellington and Auckland AGMs, so we’re already gathered. Time and gathering locations in each city TBD

The voting will be done electronically, and will be emailed to the account which you signed up to NZLARPS under. Nominations are open here: [CLOSED] NZLARPS AGM 2019: National Committee Nominations. Once nominations close you’ll be emailed an anonymous e-voting form. It’s anonymous because we can’t afford to pay for the version that gets us that information! :smiley:

Any questions please drop me a line

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Of course, you need to be a member to vote (and to nominate and second for committee). If you’re not sure about your status, you can check it on the NZLARPS website, or email If you will expire before October 13, then rejoin and send us a payment - otherwise you won’t get a voting form.

And South Island

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The email listed here looks to be incorrect, I’m assuming the correct email is either or

Corrected, thankyou. I’d munged the addresses together in my head.

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NZLARPS will be holding its national AGM at 7pm on Sunday 13th of October, at 23 Pembroke Road, Northland, WELLINGTON. The venue has a fireplace and a cat, and will be open from 6pm. The national AGM will be followed immediately by the Wellington regional AGM at around 7:45.

Auckland will be holding their regional AGM on the same night, and people there will be able to attend the national AGM by video-conference. The Auckland venue is 80C Woodglen Rd, Glen Eden. Up the driveway and to the right. Please remember to park on the road as there is no parking on the property.

The South Island intends to hold its AGM by video conference at 5:30pm on the same day.


  • Acceptance of last year’s AGM minutes
  • Approval of accounts
  • Reports from committee
  • Election of returning officer
  • Election of the new national committee

Electronic ballots for voting will be emailed out on October 6, after
committee nominations have closed. We need 30% of the membership to
participate in order to make quorum, which at present is 37 people. I urge
everybody to attend or to vote online.


  • Acceptance of last year’s AGM minutes
    The minutes taken at last year’s AGM are available here:
    2018 National AGM Minutes

  • Approval of Accounts
    Accounts for last financial year will be posted by Saturday in the NZLARPS
    forum on Diatribe:

  • Reports from committee
    These will be given at the meeting. Additional material may be posted in
    the NZLARPS forum on Diatribe.

  • Election of returning officer
    The meeting will need to elect someone to count the votes, including
    electronic votes. Nominations will be taken from the floor.

We will be using SurveyHero for online voting this year again, so vote counting should be quick.

  • Election of the new national committee
    A nominations thread for the national committee is open here:

Nominations close on October 6, 2019. Self-nominations are permitted, and
please nominate or second anyone you would like to see on the committee. We
encourage all members to take an interest in the management of the society.


As noted above the Auckland, Wellington and South Island regional general meetings will
be held on the same evening. Details on those AGMs can be found on Diatribe at the links below:

The Greater Waikato region has yet to set a date for its RGM.

Formal notification of the national AGM has now been emailed to every current NZLARPS member. If you have not received it, then:

a) check your spam folder. Unfortunately, these emails are sometimes interpreted as spam.
b) check that your contact details are up to date on the NZLARPS website (requires login) or by emailing If you’ve changed email addresses and not told us, then it will have gone to the wrong place.
c) check that you are actually a member by either of the methods above. If you’re a past member, you can rejoin simply by paying $20 ($15 for students) to:

Account name: NZLARPS
Account: 12-3066-0279570-00
Bank: ASB
Reference: your name (Surname, initial).
Particulars: Membership

Otherwise you’ll need to fill out the membership form linked above.

I’ve just set up SurveyHero to send out e-ballots to everyone who will be a member on AGM day. Unfortunately, and unlike last year, they’ve been held for manual review. Hopefully this won’t take too long, and won’t result in any significant delay.

(The same thing has happened to Auckland’s regional ballots).

If anyone joins between now and the AGM, I will send them a ballot. I will also click a button to remind those who haven’t responded on Friday.

And in the end, it look less than half an hour. Vote away!

If you are an NZLARPS member and you have not got an email then a) check your spam folder; then b) email

Reminder: voting closes Sunday at 6pm. If you haven’t voted yet, please do so.

Is it possible to link into the videoconference (or even just through audio) if we are unable to make the regional AGM? (Auckland is large and I am carless)

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Videoconference link has been emailed out.