NOTICE: NZLARPs AGM is Postponed Until October 16th at 6:30 PM

Kia ora everyone,

In order to ensure we have the financial statements available for the constitutionally required amount of time before the AGM (and helpfully also because we are lacking in the nominations department) we have postponed the National AGM until 6:30 PM on Friday the 16th of October. Regions are welcome to postpone their own AGMs for the same reason(s) - looking at the current unhealthy nomination count it might be a good idea!.

Hopefully the election the following day will have everyone democratically hyped and we’ll have some excellent participation. A reminder that we need 30% of the membership to vote, and also need people to vote for - please nominate away!

National nominations thread
Wellington nominations thread
Auckland nominations thread
South Island nominations thread

This is also a notice that the Waikato region has been officially absorbed into the Auckland region. I will update the regional tags in the database today.


Wellington will postpone their AGM in line with the National AGM. An email will come out soon to NZ Larps Members in the Wellington region.

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