NZLARPS AGM 2020 - National Committee Nominations **CLOSED**

NZLARPS will be holding its 2020 AGM on Friday, October 9, 2020 Friday, October 16th, 2020 . Part of the business of the AGM is to elect a committee for the upcoming year. We are therefore calling for nominations for committee.

The closing date for nominations is 18:30 on Friday, 2 October, 2020 Friday, 9th October, 2020 (7 days before the AGM). The gap is to allow time for online or email voting. It is recommended that interested candidates ensure they are nominated and seconded well before the deadline.

Every candidate for committee must be proposed and seconded by two members, but they do not themselves need to be members at the time of nomination. If you are unsure of your membership status, you can check it on or by emailing I will be contacting non-member nominators / nominees with information on how to join.

Nominations can be made by posting to the thread below, or by email to Any emailed nominations will be posted here.

There are five positions available.

  • President - The President of the society shall be responsible for overall running of society, promoting the vision of the society, chair committee meetings, work for consensus in the committee, cast deciding vote in case of ties, attend meetings as society representative, liaising with all regional directors to coordinate the workings of the Society across New Zealand, managing matters related to the core function of the society, the first point of contact for those wishing to contact the society.
  • Secretary - Maintain the national membership database. Keep all club correspondence in an organised fashion. Send letters as required. Send reminders of meetings to committee members. Take minutes at meetings and distribute to committee members. Communicate decisions made by committee to members.
  • Treasurer - Responsible for society finances. Keep general ledger to track society expenditure and income. Pay all society accounts. Bank money received. Advise on availability of funds for projects and committee initiatives. Distribute budgets to project owners and receive repayments. Pass accounts to society accountant to be registered with the government. Present financial report of current position at committee meetings.
  • Marketing Officer - Identify online and offline communities. Devise strategies by which to promote larp games and events to these communities, with a view to recruiting new players into larping and potentially into joining NZLARPS. Coordinate marketing campaigns.
  • Information Technology Officer - Coordinate the creation and maintenance of information technology resources for the society such as the society’s website, online forum, communications technology for meetings, and the enablement of projects via information technology.

Each position must be held by a separate individual. If someone is elected to two positions, they must choose one, and the next highest-polling candidate (if any) fills the other.

President: Lee Patrick - nominated, seconded, declined | Mel Duncan - nominated, seconded, declined | Jen Hay - nominated, seconded, declined | Rob Shaw - nominated, seconded, accepted
Treasurer: Brooklynne Michelle - nominated, seconded, accepted
Secretary: Sally Hayes - nominated, seconded, accepted
IT: Naomi Guyer - nominated, seconded, accepted
Marketing: Courtney Parnell - nominated, seconded, accepted


Just to kick things off:

I nominate Lee Patrick for president
I nominate Sally Hayes for secretary
I nominate Brookynne Michelle for treasurer
I nominate Courtney Parnell for marketing officer
I nominate Naomi Guyer for IT officer

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I second al the above

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I accept my nomination for marketing officer


I have to decline my nomination…

I also respectfully decline my nomination.

After some soul searching, I’m also going to decline my nomination though I appreciate the vote of confidence. I just have too much going on to also attend to this as I should.

Giving it some further thought and discussion I have decided to indeed accept my nomination, sorry for the confusion!


I nominate @u_ne_korn for President since she did so well last time and no one else has accepted the nomination yet

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I second Mel’s nomination for president, Mel’s the best


In the interest of ensuring someone has the position, I have also decided to accept my nomination because it stresses me out to leave it open.


While I appreciate the vote of confidence, I am currently overworked at paid employment - a ministry that starts with H and has been in the news lately.


While I’d like to not do this for a while, I appreciate that its not the easiest job to put your hand up for. If anyone is keen though, I can help. Even if you are keen for next year instead of this year, it would be good to get more people across the technology stack.

So ahh… I reluctantly accept, but please if anyone is interested, let us know!


Naomi, I’m not actually 100% sure what you actually do other than that it’s important, so I have no idea if it’s something I could put my hand up for in future

Website development (mainly php, javascript, html, css) and maintenance + server maintenance. The prerequisite is: some coding experience. Any language will basically do though. PHP isn’t hard (in the scheme of things). We use Silverstripe, which has docs etc…

Diatribe is built on Discourse, and we barely ever need to dive under the hood there - just run all the updates and fix the css/html/js modifications. Occasionally install or uninstall a new plugin.

There are documents tied to the IT role that give a more in depth description, but the job description is accurate:

  • Information Technology Officer - Coordinate the creation and maintenance of information technology resources for the society such as the society’s website, online forum, communications technology for meetings, and the enablement of projects via information technology.

It applies to our current sites1, but also sometimes means making new websites for projects, and/or supporting them.

1 We host nzLarps, Diatribe, Whatislarp, Saga, Hydra, Cerberus, Medusa and Chimera. Plus the email address redirections for committees.


I nominate Jen Hay for president.


I second Jen Hay for president.


And while we’re at it, I nominate Rob Shaw for president.


I second Rob Shaw for President


I must sadly decline my nomination

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