Online LARPing?

Hi there, this is my first post here so apologies if I’ve formatted something incorrectly.

In light of the recent news of COVID-19 gaining traction in NZ I was discussing with Jen the possibility of non-contact online LARPs/LARP events if people can’t make it to in-person games/events or in the event they’re canceled.

Are there any current foundations for voice-chat and webcam LARPs or written word LARPs? If there are I’d love to see them and start writing some in case worst comes to worst and we’re all quarantined.


There’s a LAOG - live action online gaming - manifesto here. I discuss examples of such games here. You can certainly run a game like WINTERHORN. There’s a social distancing larp jam running ATM, so there should be more specifically-designed games available soon (or you could enter!)


Yes! Viewscream is a thing that is quite cool! I have either the latest edition or an older one. It is a format for a spaceship horror in which all of the crew are separated and communicating though webcams.


I definitely think it’s worth looking into what options we have for not in person LARPing, not only because of the current likelihood of games/conventions needing to be cancelled/stop happening, but because it would let us run games with players not in the same city and also cater to people with disabilities, chronic illnesses/health problems and other things that get in the way of being able to join in person LARPs.

Discord servers could be a good way of managing/running games if you wanted voice and/or text. I’m not sure how discord is for video or if it even supports it. It is handy in that you can have multiple channels and some can be public and some can be private so you can have GM spaces and secret spaces and stuff.


Discord supports video calls with up to nine people as far as I understand it. But only if you’re using the app, not in a browser.

I’ve personally used it in a conference call with friends where we had four webcams/screen inserts in three (sometimes very) different timezones. We were all amazed that it.just.worked.

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I’m wondering what sorts of games work well in this format. @Ciaran has mentioned Viewscream, people on a spaceship, and that seems like it’d work. Virtual meetings would also work (I wonder if you can do Plan 8 From Outer Space online?). But are there any other obvious setups?

Jen and I actually started a list of genres and specific ideas that would work well

Space horror
Regular horror/Blair Witch style
Anything from the 90s-Now
Teenagers MSN-esque chat with drama
Letter writing LARPs
United Nations LARP
United Nations LARP in space
Android/robot/cyborg network/robots only chat


I like this request TaylaJ, because we’ve just greenlit and set up a virtual space for the community. I hope you’ll consider joining and running something there if you can!

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Another genre idea:

Wizards talking via crystal balls. For full immersive effect, dress a whole room and your device up even though people on the other side won’t see it.


Ooooh. I might finally get the chance of playing a wizard!

Sounds like an Ars Magica larp that could work.

An international game that I just found online, starting April 1

A Wellington based game starting soon:

ETA rules:

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From larp-hall, @RobotPie is looking for players to run this in the near future:

Caution: may involve baking.

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And another one, which will be run over Discord:

I don’t really have time to play (still working + kids at home), but I’d totally love to see the TV show created!

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Speaking of ViewScream, there’s a bunch of new scenarios for it:

UK larper Steve Hatherley (of Freeform Games) has reviewed the original Viewscream here:

And Freeform Games have been quick to market:

A 15-year high-school reunion, in smallish-town America. Former students are gathering in the town’s main hotel, ahead of the big party tonight. But one of them, former prom queen Mikolette Lukanis, has been found murdered!

Everyone is being kept under lockdown in their individual hotel rooms, pending a full police investigation. High-school rivalries will re-emerge, old grudges and secrets will surface: along with a heady mix of present-day envy, betrayal, and lust.

Restock the minibar, put on your complementary terrycloth slippers, hang out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, and join the alumni of Holborrow High as they prepare for their Reunion with Death!

Its US$29 though. I’m seriously wondering whether to pick it up.

An actual online campaign: vikings in SPAAACCCEEEE!

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