Larp Hall Discord: A Virtual space for the Community

Introducing Larp Hall, a virtual space for the NZ Larping community to catch up, socialise, talk larp, discuss costuming/crafting and chat to our hearts content about all things LARP. A virtual hub that aims to help facilitate remote roleplaying.

NZLARPS Larp Hall is a Discord server, run as a project of the society. Larp Hall is a realtime community chat for anyone who is interested in larp in New Zealand.

Project description on NZLARPs website can be found here.
Link to the Discord here:

We maintain channels for both on topic and off topic discussions, and look to provide spaces or a recruitment ground for anyone who wishes to run a game via Discord.

Larp Hall is intended as a place that you can connect to as and when you desire, with no obligation. We believe this gives you control over how much energy you spend on socialisation, whether that’s a little at a time or a whole lot all the time!

Larp Hall is designed to compliment Diatribe, rather than replace it. We expect and encourage longer more detailed discussions to be placed here on Diatribe, as that makes them far easier to engage with in depth, and to reference in the future.

A Note or Two of Thanks
Thank you to everyone who has shown such interest in the idea of a virtual space to engage with one another.
Thank you to the NZLARPS committee for such a fast turnaround on making this an official project.
Special thanks to our community members both new and old who have graciously volunteered their time and skills.
Finally, thank you for reading! Hope to catch you in Larp Hall!


I guess that’ll be the last straw for the forum here…

I wouldn’t think so. Its mostly random chat, not larp-related. And sucking a bunch of that from Facebook :slight_smile:

(Also: new topics here get automatically piped to the Discord, so people are more likely to come here and read them)

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Hopefully the opposite. It serves a different purpose to Diatribe, and reminds people this place still exists (new topics are syndicated to a channel over there).

This is still a better platform if you want a topic to stick around for a while. Real-time chat is prone to jumping from topic to topic.


I very much disagree with you Reanna.
I would hope those looking for longer-term discussion would use Diatribe, since it is far easier to refer to the discussion than digging around any live chat or social media.
Additionally we’re promoting the Diatribe space as Adrexia has said. We’ve set it so every new post on Diatribe pings Larp Hall, which means people can be advised this place exists and is active.
Hence, if you’re keen for Diatribe to continue, post! Be active!
And, as a note, despite different levels of activity on Diatribe it has not gone away in the ten years I have been larping and checking it.

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There’s really no need to be insulting.

And stepping away from that: traffic is up, posts are up. Its early yet, and we’ll have to see if its sustained, but so far it seems to be complementing Diatribe nicely. It may not be used much for larp, but its keeping the community connected in the lockdown, and people are organising other stuff over it: online rpgs, a daily book reading (thanks, @Zari), a book group, and voice chats. More larp content may emerge over time.

(I’m wondering whether to offer something on writing stuff, since that’s obviously a productive use of time, and eventually the pandemic will end and we will be able to run games again)

Honestly, if anything is looks like LARP Hall is supplanting Facebook as a quickfire discussion space so we don’t get floods of notifications. As mentioned by Rob, Naomi, and Idiot – Diatribe is far more suited to longform discussion space, and the admins plan to funnel discussions that are more suited to Diatribe over here anyway. Revitalising Diatribe was one of the first things discussed when we were in the planning stages of the server.

Besides, Discord is a chat app. It’s actively unsuitable for forum discussions – and it’s become evident in the last year that Facebook risks complete randos who just happened to join the FB group jumping in and derailing any useful discourse completely -_- So we’re not looking to replace Diatribe, we’re looking to reintegrate the latest batch of babby LARPers into it.

(Also, you’re welcome, Idiot :slight_smile: I’m not the only one doing live readings now – exciting!)

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