National Committee Reports 2020

Please comment written reports below for members who cannot attend the AGM this evening.

Marketing report:

I will keep it brief due to the unfortunate lack of LARPs and general activity!

An interesting and not overall productive year considering the global pandemic and restrictions as a result. Very early in this period’s term, I conducted an interview with German YouTubers who were visiting at the time and allowed our larping to be seen on a global scale. I am anticipating LARP will pick up and its numbers when we are consistently in a safe alert level.



  • COVID broke everything.
  • The LARP Hall Discord server was set up as an NZLARPS project, to provide a space for social interaction while we weren’t seeing people irl, and has continued. As well as socialising, it’s been useful for getting info to members who don’t necessarily check Diatribe or FB.
  • Between Pegasus, Saga, Consequence, Scandal & Society, and other events in Auckland and Wellington, the calendar is filling up again. Yay!
  • Membership numbers are predictably way down (which Sally will have more detail on) but should kick back up again once events start running.
  • Due to very low membership numbers (dating from well before COVID) and at the request of the previous Waikato committee, the Waikato region was absorbed into Auckland.

IT Officer’s Report

There’s really not a lot to report this year, apart from the usual maintenance and upgrades to exisiting tech. Its been a slow year for the committee, and for Larp in general, due to covid. NZLARPs has taken on the Discord server Larp Hall as a project (credit to Rob Shaw for initiating this). Administrating this discord has been added to the IT officer’s job description (with the help of a team of volunteers from the community). It has been well used so far - especially over lockdown. The IT backlog still includes a few major upgrades to our Silverstripe systems (nzlarps and whatislarp in particular), and a php upgrade.

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Secretary’s Report

As Lee suggests, we’ve had a significant drop in numbers this year due to COVID causing financial stress, and also because there haven’t actually been many LARPs this year. Hard to see the value in a membership to a society that can’t provide their service! Hopefully in the next year or so this will pick up again as we are more able to run games for the membership.

In numbers - we started the operational year with 128 members, which has fallen to 69 as at 6 PM today, 16th October. This is a drop of 45% which we can attribute entirely to COVID (in my humble opinion) as the stats suggest our numbers were at a healthy 118 in January of this year. We will need to work to show our worth to the community in the next couple of years so we can build ourselves back up.