2020 Financial report (Balance sheet + Profit & Losses Statement)

Hey everyone sorry for the delay I have attached the Financials for the past year. As you can see we ran at loss this past year, which really can be attributed to mainly the loss of many projects in the financial year. We have also seen a decline in membership and specifically in our lower priced members.

Feel free to ask any questions

NZLARPS Balance Sheet 2019.pdf (269.1 KB) NZLARPS Profit and Loss Statement 2019.pdf (273.1 KB)


Good work on the financials, they’re nicely presented and easy to follow.

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A $100 loss on a year which has been completely messed up by a pandemic and multiple events have been cancelled doesn’t look too bad. And if every project still scheduled (Consequence 2, Saga 5, Exile finale, Consequence 3 and Blood in the Furrows) is able to go ahead as planned, we should get through next financial year OK.

It does show that we need a good stream of big projects to pay the bills though.

Absolutely, Also I think it’s important to note that the biggest loss in membership is those who would get the student/Community services card holders. With a $500+ loss there. I hope that after things settle more this will bounce back!

Its entirely understandable that people aren’t rejoining when there aren’t larps to go to (it also means there’s no constant reminder via game signup). But with stuff happening again, I’m hoping we’ll see a rebound.

We have seen a bit more of a trickle of memberships leading up to the AGM which is heartening. It’s been a really stupid year.

Last year, for comparison: 2019 National Treasurer's Report