Wellington 2020 AGM Minutes

Minutes of 2020 NZLARPS Wellington AGM

Meeting commenced at 7.09pm


Quorum is 30% of 26 members, or 8 people. 18 e-votes received, so we are quorate (all online)

Physical attendance: Lee Patrick and Elizabeth Blucher.

Via Zoom: Brooklynne Michelle, Malcom, Donna, Toby Stewart, Courtney Parnell and Callum Upton.

Apologies: No apologies.

Acceptance of last year’s AGM minutes
Last year’s minutes accepted.

Approval of accounts
A regional breakdown was not prepared before the AGM meeting, however the treasurer updated us on the final amount in the bank.

While the current financial statement shows a marked decrease, Eventbrite logistics have changed due to Covid which means ticket sales from Consequence are pending. With this added to the amount our finances are actually up slightly on 2019. The majority of incoming money will come from Consequence. The financial summary can be found here.

Motion to approve accounts: Accounts accepted (1 abstention).

Reports from committee
This year has seen challenge with Covid, with people needing to take care of themselves. In addition to Covid there were further problems with the gear shed. The gear has now been moved from Vogelmorn to a storage shed. The cost is increased but there was no other option at the time. The Gear Officer holds the codes for this shed. Member numbers are low all round right now. We made a decision not to remind people of membership renewals over Covid which was the right call but did see a marked decrease. Next year’s focus is to bring things back to where we were pre-Covid.

Not much to comment on, though noted there was decrease in membership over Covid. No queries or concerns were received by the secretary over the past year.

Gear officer:
See Director’s report. Also: the gear was successfully transferred, and we are no longer paying Vogelmorn for storage. In the move, 3 car loads of old / broken gear were purged. Our new storage shed is much smaller and is full. If any more gear is to be added there will need to be another purge. With the new storage payments our gear is now insured (included in the monthly cost). Because of the increase in cost overall we may need to fundraise or add a hire age fee for larps using the gear. The consequence GM’s are still storing the weapons at their home. A few swords had to be thrown out due to wear and tear. Brookfield want us to sort and tidy the gear being stored there. The Consequence GM’s plan to do this at the next game of Consequence.

No marketing survey this year as it would have run during raised Covid alert levels. Covid screwed everything up. Armageddon 2020 was moved and one of the games meant to cover the cost fell through resulting in a bigger loss than usual. Armageddon did contribute to new members at several larps in the region (including a crew member for Consequence). Goblin Games will be running at Auckland Armageddon and will include an NZ Larps flyer on their stand.

With the addition of Consequence ticket sales our financials are stable. As the gear office mentioned our storage costs have more than tripled which we will need to account for in 2021. We are also owed money by Vogelmorn but see no issue with them repaying it.

General Officer(s):
Nothing to report.

Election of returning officer
Donna nominated. Seconded and passed.

Election of the new regional committee
18 responses received overall.

Director: Courtney Parnell elected
Treasurer: Brooklynne Michelle elected
Secretary: Elizabeth Blucher elected
Gear Officer: Toby Stewart elected
Marketing: Malcolm Harbrow elected
General Officers: Lee Patrick and Callum Upton elected.

Other business:
In 2019 it was proposed that we re-invent combat practices and do a picnic in the park event. Covid put a holt to this for 2020 but the Committee have motioned to move forward looking into this again come summer (end 2020 / start 2021) Covid level depending.

Meeting concluded 7.42pm.

Minutes updated at 9.16pm to correct link to 2019 financials.