Wellington AGM Call for Nominations 2018 **Closed**


Not technically my job but I’m here now and we may as well get this party started!

I nominated myself for National, but I’m gonna make one of you all nominate me for Wellington if you want me, I’m allowed to be contrary on occasion.

But I would like to take this opportunity to encourage ANY and ALL people who would like to contribute to Wellington larping to throw their hat into the ring. It’s valid to nominate yourself, you don’t need to sneakily ask someone to nominate you.

We have a really great community in Wellington, and we’d love to get new people involved in the committee, so the hobby can really keep flourishing and growing. It’s not intensive, it’s not hard work, and all the previous members are still around to help out where we can.

Date for the AGM is being nailed down :smiley:

EDITED TO ADD: The positions!

Regional Director
Gear Officer
Marketing Officer
General Officer (we have two general officers)

(Like I said, not actually my job, I missed some of the fine details :smiley: )

Notice of NZLARPS AGM 9 October 2018
Auckland NZLARPS AGM 2018: Auckland Committee Nominations

Date for AGM has been nailed down - 9th October. This will be the National AGM as well - we all have a brutal Skype call and catch up and do the National Stuff and then hang up and do regional stuff.


What are the positions to be filled, please? So we know what we’re nominating for? :slight_smile:


Updated :smiley:


I’ll take the bait. Nominating Mel for regional director. :stuck_out_tongue:


I second Mel for regional director.


Well then - I second Mel for regional director too. swallows the bait Mmm, tasty.


I appreciate the vote of confidence and I accept the nomination

whispers Someone please run against me


I nominate Courtney Parnell for secretary
I nominate Jon Ball for treasurer
I nominate Norman Cates for gear officer
I nominate Lee Patrick for general officer
I nominate Toby Stewart for general officer


I second all of Idiot’s nominations (except the one for me cause I don’t think that’s allowed).


I nominate Idiot for marketing officer.


I accept my nomination as marketing officer.


I accept my nomination for general officer


I second Lee for General Officer.
I second Idiot for Marketing Officer.

While I’m delighted to see that we liked the Wellington committee enough to try to re-elect them, anyone else want in? You’re allowed to self-nominate


I accept my nomination for General Officer.


I accept my nomination as Gear Officer


I accept, and welcome someone to run against me :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like to thank Mel for doing what is meant to be my job. The LARP gauntlet and graveyard shifts caught me at a bad time to get this out there!