Upcoming Auckland larps



15th October
NZLARPS Auckland AGM and National AGM
The society plays a big part in the successful growth in larp in New Zealand by providing funding, gear, advertising and support to larps. You can help with that success by standing for election to the Auckland or National committee, or by voting for the new committee members.
Meeting is in Westmere at 7:30pm. If you’re not able to attend in person you can still stand for positions, and you can vote in advance by email.

31st October
The Crucible: Unleashing the Hounds
A day game in the epic fantasy campaign The Crucible, focusing on the Order of the Wolf.
Details to be announced.
Signup form, contact gm@cruciblelarp.com

15th November
The Dance and the Dawn
A gothic fairytale of romance and waltzing.
Sign up to the Facebook event

23th November, 2-6pm
Moonbright: Stranger in the woods
Larp in the Park presents the first event in a new fantasy campaign.
Western Springs Lakeside Park. Contact larpintheparknz@gmail.com

28th-30 November
Medusa Larp Convention
Yes it’s in Hamilton, but that’s only a hop and skip away and accommodation is available on site. Support the growth of larp in Auckland’s backyard and get another fix of awesome convention larp scenarios. Includes vendors, tournaments and discussion panels.
Hardy Training centre, Hungerford Cres, Hamilton. See the Facebook event or email medusa.larpconvention@gmail.com - official signup form to come.

November, date to be announced
The Zone: The Road to Eden
Day game in a post-apocalyptic campaign.
Blockhouse Bay and Green Bay beach. Cost $10.

5th-8th February
The Crucible: Chapter 3
The second full weekend game in the epic fantasy campaign The Crucible.
YMCA Camp Adair, 2487 Hunua Road, Papakura. Prices to be announced.

First Saturday of each month
The Duchy of Flint
A monthly The Shining Host: Changeling game, old World of Darkness. Facebook group available.

Second Saturday of each month
The Phoenix Rising
A monthly Vampire: The Masquerade LARP

Third Saturday of each month
Fates Unbound
A monthly Changeling: The Lost chronicle, New World of Darkness. Facebook group available.

Fourth Saturday of each month
Mage: The Fight For Survival
A monthly science fiction larp using the Mage: The Awakening system.


Updated 25th September 2014.

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