National AGM October 15th 2014



NZLARPS will be holding its AGM at 7pm on October 15, in Auckland. The Auckland branch is holding theirs on the same day, so we’re hoping to deal with the annual administrivia (accounts and elections, committee reports and any constitutional amendments) before the start of their RGM. Because we do email voting nowdays, the actual meeting should be quick.

If you have any business you wish to propose, please either email the national secretary on, or post it here. There is a 15 clear days requirement for notice of business, so the latest you can propose a motion is Tuesday 30 September 2014.

I will set up a seperate thread for committee nominations at the beginning of September. Note that if you want to nominate people for committee, you must be a member; if you are unsure of your membership status, please log on to to check. A lot of memberships come due around AGM time, so its a good reminder to rejoin.

Upcoming Auckland larps

A reminder: the AGM is next month. If you wish to propose any business, then pleae post it here, or contact

If the AGM is delayed, then the deadline for business will be extended to meet the new notice requirements.


Reminder: this is tonight! Please attend, or e-vote so we have quorum. E-voting instructions are here:



Official minutes will be up sometime, but in the meantime here are the results:

President: Michelle Burt
Secretary: Malcolm Harbrow
Treasurer: James Cooper
Marketing Officer: Ryan Paddy
IT Officer: Mike Curtis

The motion to move the end of the financial year to the end of August passed.

Thanks to everyone who voted, whether by email or in person. We had good turnouts in Auckland and Wellington. It’s always nice to have a quorum. :wink: