South Island Region Nomination Thread POSTPONED TO 18 October 2020 [NOMINATIONS CLOSED]

Hey folks, it’s that time of the year again. Nominations are open for the NZLARPS South Island Committee. The AGM will be held on the 10th of October postponed to 18th October, and electronic voting will open one week before that.

The positions available are:

  • Regional Director
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Gear Officer
  • (optionally) 2 General Committee positions

Details about the positions can be found in the South Island AGM announcement thread here

Some notes:

  • We are required to have at least one person from Christchurch and one from Dunedin on the committee (this hasn’t been a problem in the past and I don’t see it being a problem this time either)
  • This coming year we anticipate one of the General Committee members to unofficially be in charge of Social Media (liaising strongly with the Marketing Officer), so if you are accepting a nomination for one of those positions, it may be worth stating if you wish to be the Person Of Great Social Media Importance (or not) :slight_smile:

Current Nominations

Regional Director: Matt Sain, nominated, seconded, accepted
Secretary: Jo East, nominated, seconded, declined
Treasurer: Edward Stutters, nominated, seconded, accepted
Marketing: Stuart Stoddard, nominated, seconded
Gear: Carla Bayard, nominated, seconded, accepted
General Officer(s): Matt Swain, nominated, seconded, accepted


Might as well get some nominations on the board.

I nominate Edward Stutters for regional treasurer
I nominate Jo East for regional secretary
I nominate Stuart Stoddart for regional marketing officer
I nominate Carla Bayard for regional gear officer
I nominate Matt Swain for regional general officer

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I second all of these.


I accept my nomination for general officer, and nominate myself for Regional Director, but will be happy to withdraw that nomination if anyone else wishes to occupy the position.

(Edited to add: On account of me already being the Director two out of the three years NZLARPS SI has been a thing :slight_smile: )


I second Matt’s nomination for Regional Director


I decline my nomination.

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Happy to be nominated for treasurer again, looking forward to getting LARPs funding post-lockdown!


I accept my nomination for gear officer. Thanks