Reflecting the committee changes on the website & Diatribe


The changes to the national committee, and the new Auckland committee, need to be reflected on the NZLARPS website and on Diatribe.

  1. What is Liz’s full name? This is needed for the list of committee members on the website.

  2. New email addresses are needed for the National Committee: should be added.

  3. The new Auckland committee will all need email addresses. Following the structure of the Wellington committee, they should be

  4. Once we have the above done, I can update the Contact Us page.

  5. We should update the News section on the home page to advise of the changes.

  6. On Diatribe, there should be a new usergroup for the Auckland Committee, and a new hidden forum for them. The members of the committee will need to be added to the new usergroup.

  7. The members of the national committee group should be changed to reflect the new membership (removing the General Officers and Equipment Officer).

  8. In my opinion, the national committee hidden forum should be visible to not only the national committee user group, but also the Auckland and Wellington committee user groups. While only the national committee can vote on national matters, it would ease communication of all regional committee members can see the national discussion group and put across their opinions there.

I can execute 4 & 5 once the info is available.

I could also do 6, 7 & 8 if Anna lets me know the new admin login. I understand that “potatolord” has changed.

Ongoing updates

I’ve done points 1, 4, and 5.

I found Liz’s surname on Facebook, and I’ve left out email links for positions that don’t have email addresses yet.

Things left to do:

  1. New email addresses for new committee positions (then I’ll add them to the Contact Us page)
  2. New hidden forum on Diatribe for Auckland branch, and access to national forum for regional committees
  3. Check that all committee usergroups can see this forum so that they can ask for website changes


Any update on these?



I’m not clear on whether I’m authorised to do the remaining 3 items.

I’m happy to do them if authorised, but I don’t want to step on toes or duplicate effort in case Anna is already doing them.


I’ve just chatted with Craig about the new NZLARPS email addresses.

He says if we provide a list of the new addresses and where they should redirect to, he can set them up immediately.

Where do the current addresses redirect to? Personal emails?

It might be better if we create dedicated gmail addresses for all the committee positions, and the nzlarps addresses redirect to those. That way we don’t have to change where they redirect to when new members are elected. Also, that means that new committee members can see the communications of the previous office holder, which would help with continuity. We can set it up so that the president can reset all passwords, in case they get forgotten or an officer goes AWOL.

I can sort this out if desired.


Okay, right, this has now managed to reach the upper area of my priorities list. I’m sorry it has taken so long.

Regarding emails. I like Ryan’s idea of them redirecting to gmail addresses rather than personal ones. It would save the upheaval each election of changing the redirects. Please go ahead and set this up (after the Game Selection form :wink: ) We already have an redirects to. Once we have those set up, we can email Craig with them. I guess the gmails don’t need to be fancy, they can be something like nzlarps1, nzlarps2, nzlarps3…

Regarding the new usergroups. The Diatribe back-end makes my brain hurt. Could we set up a new backstage area labelled “Committees” and have the Auckland, Wellington and National committee subforums in there? Ryan, are you able to set up the usergroups and permissions? Go ahead and use the DiatribeAdmin log-in, the password is the same (I just changed the name to something more respectable than potatolord)

Slowly starting to get the new society machinery working…


Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll do the forum changes, create the gmail accounts, and liaise with Craig for the email address redirects.


Here are the gmail addresses I’ve created: - Not available. Jackie, have you taken it?

The username you log in with is the part before ""

I’ve given them all the same password, which I’ll email Anna and she can notify committee members on the committee forums.

If you use the Forgot My Password function they will all send a password recovery email to That way if any committee members go AWOL, the email account can be recovered. So long as the master account is intact.

These emails are not yet receiving the emails redirected from the addresses. I’ll ask Craig to do that and let you know when it’s in place.


I’m working on the NZLARPS forums now. I’ve made a new top-level category for them and will move them there.

I assume that all regional committee members (and representatives like for Hamilton) will be able to see the national forum, and all national committee members will be able to see all regional forums. However, regional committee members won’t be able to see forums for other regions.

PM me if anything looks broken.


Have just completed the NZLARPS forum changes, including adding people to appropriate groups and removing them from inappropriate ones.

Some users will now be seeing certain forums for the first time. Hopefully, nothing unpleasant has been said about you there. :wink: I wouldn’t know, because with my personal login I can only see this website maintenance forum, and I didn’t peek at the committee forums when logged in as DiatribeAdmin. I will only see your comments on this update if you post here.

All regional committee members and regional representatives can now see the National forum. Note that the National forum used to be the Auckland committee forum, so don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of Auckland stuff discussed there. Anna, you may want to move all topics that are solely related to Auckland to the Auckland forum just to keep things clean. If your permissions don’t allow you to, let me know or do it as Diatribe Admin. If you don’t have time, let me know if you’d like me to do it.

Jared, I’ve given you (as Hamilton regional representative) access to both the National and Auckland committee forums, as well as this website maintenance forum. I figure that Hamilton is officially part of Auckland (in terms of project budget approval), but you can’t be expected to make it to Auckland meetings, so having access to the Auckland forum will enable you to make online representations to the Auckland committee about projects running in Hamilton and to see discussion of decisions that may affect Hamilton.

Anna, let me know if there are any other forums you’d like to move into the NZLARPS category, like Chimera backstage forums or whatever.

If everyone could reply here to let me know you have visibility of the correct forums, that would be great.


Thanks Ryan. I am happy with this set up. I did have an nzlarps email address ( which was linked to my personal one. I don’t think I ever got an enquiry through it though, I have taken a good few nzlarps enquiries through my Knightshade email however and I’m happy to leave it as is.
People searching for larp in NZ seem to discover the Knightshade email quite readily for some reason.


I reckon people want to talk to someone who looks like they’re running a game.

I’ve already asked Craig to do the email changes including yours, but we can forward the gmail account to your personal account and it will end up much the same. It will just make it easier if the Hamilton rep changes, as we can change who has access to the gmail account (or where it forwards to) without asking Craig.

Note: the new gmail accounts will be sending and receiving as the addresses. Gmail is just a convenient interface.


…it would help if I actually gave the Wellington committee group access to this forum and the national forum. Which I now have.

Otherwise it’s a bit like saying “put your hand up if you can’t hear me” I suppose.

Wellington folks, see above for reasons you can now see extra forums and feel free to reply here so I know you can see this now.


Let me know if anyone feels it would be beneficial for regional committee members to see other region’s forums. That’s the only thing I haven’t done. I can see arguments both ways. The regions are independent so don’t need to see each other’s discussions or listen to each other’s suggestions. On the other hand, they may get ideas for how to operate from each other, and they do not compete.


Hello Ryan

I require the email address password please



[quote=“Ants”]Hello Ryan

I require the email address password please


Hey Anthony,

Please see the instructions here:

Those instructions include the default password, and how to change it to a password of your choosing if you want.

The email use instructions are in the National society forum, which as a member of a regional committee you should be able to see. If you can’t see it, let me know here.

If any other committee members (except general members, who don’t get email addresses) are reading this and you haven’t used your NZLARPS email account yet, please follow the instruction in the link above. This is the official way that people should contact you about your society role, and you should use it for sending society emails so that there is a record for the next person who holds your position.

Please note that the Gmail are NOT the addresses you should give people to email you at. You should give people the official addresses, which we have set up to be handled via Gmail. The official addresses are:








On a slightly related note, it’s probably about time that we had a “What is NZLARPS?” sticky post in the NZLARPS forum.

With a link to the NZLARPS website, quick details about what the society does, why people should join, and how projects and associates work, and some contact email addresses like those above (probably just for the president and regional directors/representatives).


I’ve moved St Wolfgang’s Vampire Hunters into the Hosted Boards archive.

…which feels rather like seeing the stone golem’s legs sticking out of the rubbish skip at Chimera. :confused:

Nostalgic, but also a sense of a job well done.


I know what you mean. I retired my first SCA helmet last week. The padding is stripped out and it’ll never be worn again.

I must have spent well over 1000 hours fighting in that helmet and my eyes went all glassy.

I’m such a sook :smiley:


[quote=“Ryan Paddy”]I’ve moved St Wolfgang’s Vampire Hunters into the Hosted Boards archive.

…which feels rather like seeing the stone golem’s legs sticking out of the rubbish skip at Chimera. :confused:

Nostalgic, but also a sense of a job well done.[/quote]

sniffle :frowning: I’m going to miss both those things very much - the golem, and St. Wolfgang’s!