Reflecting the committee changes on the website & Diatribe

You can’t cross the same river twice. :wink:

In less mystical terms, it’s time to put old cool things aside, and move on to new cool things. I really hope we don’t make another stone golem, but instead put the effort into some equally cool new stuff. New stuff that has the same “god that’s cool” effect on people.

I know :slight_smile: St. Wolfgang’s ended exactly when it was meant to, with the story over. It’s funny, when I played Mordavia, I never understood your insistence that ‘Mordavia has an end’ but when I was running Wolfgangs, I really, really got it. My next campaign will be an Arthurian Steampunk one :smiley:

The Stone Golem had a pretty good life. He became a You Tube star, a music video star, an Armageddon attraction, has his own Facebook page, delighted crowds at the Taupo Joust and has scared a decade’s worth of players :smiley:

He scared the bejeebes out of me at Endgame, when I was playing Featherhall on the Sunday morning and Catherine’s Eranian priestess sent him on a mission of destruction at me in the limited space of the dining room. The combination of being so massive, so impossible to reason with, and so implacable in his advance made him like a real force of nature. I totally forgot it was Muppet in there, or that I was an NPC - I just panicked and climbed over furniture to escape.

Anyhow… so, about that “What is NZLARPS” sticky? Shall we draft something?

I’ve set Ellen as the Wellington secretary on the NZLARPS website contact page, and added her to the committee group on Diatribe so she’ll have access here.

Hi Ellen! If you want access to then see the instructions with the default password here: