Official Announcement of Wellington AGM - Postponed to Friday 16th October 2020

Important Update
Following the postponement of the National AGM the Wellington AGM will also be postponed. This means the nomination period for the Wellington Committee will be extended.

Further details below.

This is our official announcement that we’ll be holding the Wellington AGM this year. We’re going to aim for 7.00pm - 9 October, 2020 Friday 16 October 2020, at 16 Hill Grove, Naenae, Wellington, to coincide with the National AGM. There will be an online option for those of us not in the capital, likely via Google Meets.

If you intend to attend in person please let @lesbiancobra know so she can manage numbers around whatever alert level we’re in by then. The National AGM will be run prior to the Wellington AGM.

The voting will be done electronically, and will be emailed to the account which you signed up to NZLARPS under. Nominations are open here: Wellington 2020 AGM Nominations thread!

Once nominations close you’ll be emailed an anonymous e-voting form.

If you have any questions, please send me a message!


Wellington Marketing Officer Report 2020

The start of the financial year went well, with several successful theatreforms and three new campaigns starting (including Consequence!) It looked like we had a nice queue of games lined up, but then the pandemic disrupted everything, and we’re only now starting to see games again. We have games out till the end of the year (Contagion next weekend, Consequence in November, and Scandal & Society in December), but only the sketchiest outline beyond that. If people want to run stuff early next year, I encourage them to start picking dates soon, before the calendar fills up.

Our annual Armageddon marketing campaign got moved to August, and one of the games that was meant to help pay for it ended up being cancelled due to low numbers. We did have a successful run of “Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair” with several new larpers in attendance, but we are looking at a substantial loss for the project - ~$470, rather than the usual $50 - $150. We’ll make that up eventually, but it is disappointing, and given the stress of this year I am not planning on doing Armageddon until the pandemic risk subsides. We might follow Ryan’s strategy for the Auckland Larp Faire, and try Facebook advertising for a newbie event instead.

I did not run a marketing survey this year because of the pandemic. Maybe next year.


Happy to advise if you do, there are bunch of learnings. Most urgently, make sure you start many weeks (months even) before the event, because it may be a slow trickle of signups from it. There are some other super important considerations too that could be the difference between success and failure.


I’m also happy to support with Facebook / Google advertising. I’m reasonably up with the play as I get paid to play around on it as part of my job :slight_smile:

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Wellington Gear Officer’s Report 2020

Successful transfer of gear from Vogelmorn to the Gear Shed. Confirmation from the treasurer that the payments to Vogelmorn have stopped and any extra ones have been refunded.

Purged the gear at the same time it was moved; 3 car loads worth of gear to the tip. The new shed is smaller, and quite full, meaning any big new acquisitions will require gear to be purged to make room.

Now paying $164.40 Monthly, includes Insurance.

May need to do fundraising in future, or requiring a hireable fee based for each game based on the size of the game or number of crates required.

Made executive decision to toss a few old and broken swords. All other weapons are currently stored in my garage.

Gear is now stored at National Self Storage Lower Hutt. Gate Code, Unit number and Padlock code available on request from the committee.

Brookfield has requested that we sort and tidy the gear currently stored at the camp. We’ll be endeavouring to to this at Consequence, by pulling out all the gear from the attic and moving it to the Dining Hall, reviewing it in the mealtimes and as we pull stuff out for scenes.

Particularly important is determining which of the old Gazebos need keeping, as there are some of these taking up a great deal of space in the gear shed, and they may not be pulling their weight for the use they get.

Consequence is adding some juicy things to the Gear, prioritising things that will get long term use between genres, such as Corpse physreps, and a few more things that are spoilers.

Director report:

Not much to report as COVID-19 swallowed our year, which did result in membership slips and us being able to follow through on last year’s plans. It should be noted that the committee have every intention with following up last year’s plans for making the social sparring in the club be inclusive or have fun events when it is safe for us to do so during the summer.

Forgot to say, the other critical learning with the FB ad is that social proof is super important.

You want get larpers to like/reply/share your ad as soon as you post it. To allow for that the ad needs to link to a site that’s external to FB, like EventBrite.

It can’t just promote a FB event, or you can’t get that social proof from the community as you can’t link them to the ad, for reasons known only to FB.

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