NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary June 2015

The NZLARPS National Committee doesn’t formally meet, and instead conducts business through its Diatribe forum. As a result, we don’t publish formal minutes. Instead, we have decided to provide a quarterly summary of business.

Matters discussed

Since March the National Committee has:
[li] Discussed migrating NZLARPS’ websites to a new server. There are public details and a call for assistance and feature requests here[/li]
[li] Agreed to temporarily pay Craig Neilson’s hosting expenses (USD44.85 per month) to keep NZLARPS’ websites online until we transition to a new server.[/li]
[li] Dealt with a miscommunication regarding Hamilton’s funds. This led to some discussion of different financial procedures among the different regions.[/li]
[li] Received an update on membership numbers from the Secretary.[/li]
[li] Discussed a possible membership discount from First Scene and ways which it could be implemented.[/li]
[li] Completed the bank transition! Details of the new accounts are on the NZLARPS forum here[/li]
[li] Received an update from the Wellington Marketing Officer about a new marketing photo archive of photos which have permission for future marketing use.[/li]
[li] Michael Coster has kindly offered to give us some advice on upcoming changes to health and safety legislation and their possible impact on larp, so that we can advise GMs on how best to comply with the law.[/li][/ul]

Motions passed
2015-1 (1 June 2015): That NZLARPS pay USD44.85 per month for internet hosting.
4 in favour.
(This is seen by all as a temporary measure until the websites can be migrated. It should last no longer than 2 - 3 months)