National AGM 2016 - Committee reports

NZLARPS will be holding its AGM on October 5, in Auckland (time and venue TBA). Because we do email voting nowdays, the actual meeting should be quick.

If you have any business you wish to propose, please either email the national secretary on, or post it here. There is a 15 clear days requirement for notice of business, so the latest you can propose a motion is Tuesday 20 September 2016.


  • Acceptance of last year’s AGM minutes (here)
  • Approval of accounts
  • Reports from committee
  • Constitutional amendments
  • Election of the new national committee.

I have set up a separate thread for committee nominations . Note that if you want to nominate people for committee, you must be a member; if you are unsure of your membership status, please log on to or email to check. A lot of memberships come due around AGM time, so its a good reminder to rejoin.

Members have now been emailed their formal notice of the AGM.

Copies of the Society’s financial statements are made available to all members at least two weeks before the AGM. They are embedded in this post: Profit & Loss Statement 010915 to 310816.pdf (284.4 KB)
Balance Sheet as at 310816.pdf (280.5 KB)
The Society’s financial year is taken as being the 1st of September, through to the 31st of August of the following year.

I believe the only element of particular note in the financial statements is the large prepaid expenses and revenue received in advance entries on the Balance Sheet. These both relate to the upcoming Musketeers LARP. We have received and made substantial payments for it before August 31, but the event itself is not due to take place until October, so the payments have been ‘shifted’ into the new (now current) financial year to match.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Society’s financials.


I have just been informed that the venue for the AGM has been changed, and that it will now be held at Nikki and Phillip’s House, 80c Woodglen Road, Glen Eden. It’s the first house on the right up the driveway, and apparently people should park on the road.

The national AGM will commence at 7pm. The Auckland AGM will commence once the national AGM is concluded.

I apologise for any inconvenience.

Secretary’s Report

We have 147 members (77 in Auckland, 52 in Wellington, and 18 in Hamilton), up from 118 last AGM. Membership has risen in all regions, with the largest growth happening in Wellington.

I’ve continued the previous years’ work on trying to get people to renew their memberships, and the launch of the “Musketeers” campaign has helped with this. I’ve also tidied up the membership database so that it accurately records the date members joined, thus helping us comply with out statutory responsibilities.

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####IT Officer’s Report

We’ve completed various projects and migrations to different software and hosting solutions. Including:

  • was rebuilt on Silverstripe CMS and migrated to Digital Ocean
  • was migrated to Silverstripe and Digital Ocean
  • was migrated to Silverstripe CMS, and Digital Ocean, with a new theme applied. This process led to extra functionality and a few improvements to the modules also used by the Hydra, Medusa (and soon to be Cerberus) sites.
  • Diatribe has been migrated from PHPBB to Discourse. And moved to Digital Ocean for hosting
  • Our email servers have been migrated to MailGun for better stability and easier configuration.

Thanks to @IdiotSavant for his help with requirements gathering and testing each new migration, to @Exquire for his help migrating Diatribe (and for hosting it for so long), to @Mike_Curtis for his work on the Chimera migration, and to all the early testers who helped out.

NZLarps now has a Trello group, and a board to keep track of IT projects. It can be found here:

There is a fairly steady backlog of work, keeping up with updates, bug fixes, new websites, and new features. To offset that, the tools we are using now don’t require knowledge of html, or how to use an ftp client. This has meant that other national and regional committee members have been able to help keep our websites up to date.


Posted on behalf of James:

Treasurer’s Report

Frankly, it hasn’t been a great year for the Society financially. We haven’t had any ‘big earners’, so our events made a reasonable, though not large, overall gross profit. The other costs of the Society however vastly outweighed that, and the Society as a whole made a loss of over $4,000 this year. On the positive side, due to the event’s change in date, this year doesn’t include a Chimera, which typically earns more money for the Society. Furthermore, at least one upcoming event is looking like it will bring in a tidy profit for the Society. We can always use more events running however (especially in Auckland, which has a large rent bill to cover), especially if those events are well-attended (hint hint). Also, the Regional Treasurers are now all set up so that they are able to manage the bank account for their region, without having to rely on me. We also created a new bank account for the South Island and put $300 seed money in it. This account is currently being overseen by the Wellington Committee, and hopefully will provide a useful facility to our South Island reps and others who want to grow LARP there.

Unfortunately there seem to have been a few instances this year of people being somewhat lax in their treatment of NZLARPS’ funds. These include failing to deposit cash in a timely manner, failing to ensure that participants/attendees actually pay their game fee at all, and also seemingly possibly ignoring the concept of game budgets altogether. We allow quite a lot of leeway and autonomy (a lot more than you will find with most other not-for-profit organisations), in the interests of making it as easy as possible for people to run events, but we still expect that people will make a reasonable effort to appropriately manage the finances. What little funds NZLARPS does have at its disposal are entirely the result of the extremely hard work of a lot of people over the years who have made the fruits of their labour available to others, and it would be highly disrespectful to those people not to approach the finances with the same level of care that they did.

Think of it this way: If you borrowed a couple of thousand dollars from some of your friends, surely you would make sure that you managed that money well, so that you can pay your friends back properly. It is exactly the same principle here - NZLARPS’ money belongs to our members. So when we give someone $1,000+ to book a venue say, the members of the Society can expect that all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that an event is a success both as a game, and as a financial activity. If you find yourself trying to manage the finances and struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact someone from your local Committee. They’re there to help, and they want to help.


2016 Marketing Report

I’ve worked on various projects this year, though many have been with an eye to the long-term, rather than the calendar year. Some of these include:

  • working with local and nationwide business looking to market NZ LARPs to their industries, and provide LARPers discounts in return.

  • creating and responding to media and journalist inquiries, providing info about LARPing in NZ, and seeking to expand the community via different media

  • Looking into what existing LARPers like and dislike in their hobby, and seeking to strengthen current members enjoyment of LARP and development as LARPers

  • Assisting areas of visability for LARP (Armageddons and international conventions that allow promotion of NZ LARPs)

  • Foundation work on filmed promo material about LARPing in NZ (will not be completed by end of my marketing term)

  • Foundation work or providing a media and journalist-friendly LARP where all participants attending will do so with the knowledge that they’ll likely end up on film (will not be completed by end of my marketing term).

I’ve also been engaged with some of the privacy and health and safety conversations happening around LARPing, and have looked into how NZ LARPs can best support it’s current membership, as well providing a healthy environment to extent out to new members. A lot of these conversations are bigger than ‘marketing’, but have big cross over to the wider community. I’d suggest more work is required here after the change over of officer roles this October.


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