Minutes of National AGM, Oct 22 2015


National committee meeting minutes:
Meeting start: 7:20pm

In attendance in Auckland: Michelle Burt, Dave Luxton, James Cooper, Mikare Curtis, Clare Stones, Prema Cottingham, Cameron Burns, Rowena Knill

Motion: Prema - moved that minutes from last AGM be accepted. Michelle Burt - seconded.
Minutes accepted unanimously.

James Cooper - Treasurer report
Across the whole society, the bank accounts made a $2000 surplus this year.
Acceptance of accounts:
Michelle - 1st, James 2nd. Accounts accepted unanimously.

James indicated we didn’t exceed the $1000 threshold that the IRD charges tax over, as membership fees are not taxable and made up a sizable amount of the surplus. Therefore we don’t have to pay any tax on our surplus.

Reports from committee (as posted online).

James read out the secretary report from Malcom.

IT report - Mikaere Curtis
Moving Diatribe away from Craig Neilson’s hosting, as he’s generously hosted us for 10 years and wants to move on.
Mike has sorted out free wordpress hosting, with silver stream with help from Naomi Guyer.

James - explained the motion we are voting on to the members in attendance. It allows the Regional treasurers the ability to transact on regional accounts - so they don’t have to go to the national treasurer each time to get approval for transactions.
It’s to bring the wording of the constitution up to modern technology, and also recognizes the fact that we are divided into regions now rather than just based in Auckland.

Voting: Rowena Knill elected as Returning Officer.

Constitutional change: Passed.

New committee:

President: Cameron Burns
Secretary: Malcolm Harbrow
Treasurer: James Cooper
Marketing Officer: Hannah Doornebosch
Information Technology Officer: Naomi Guyer

Meeting closed at 7:41pm.

National AGM 2016 - Committee reports

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