Introduce yourself


Hey my name us Michael Boyd
I am from Palmerston North
I would like to become player
Um have idea of what like do
Can you tell little about what I. Need to do if I am going join


Unfortunately there’s no larp happening in Palmerston North at the moment. There is however a lot happening in Wellington (see here), and the best I can recommend is signing up for a game there if you are interested.



My name is Matthew Poehler. I have been active in Re-Enactment groups since 1990. I am currently Captain of the TMS, Taranaki Medieval Society.

I have some questions about how this set of pages is put together, as I am very interested in having a similar system for Steel combat groups. Might I please be contacted by an Administration Person?


Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately, Diatribe is a bit of a ghost town these days :frowning: I’m afraid I don’t know the technical details myself, but hopefully one of our forum administrators will see your post and be in touch. There’s only a few of them, and they’re all very busy people, so it might take some days before you hear from somebody though.


I summon @Adrexia!!! :wink:


Its Discourse1., hosted in a Docker container on Digital Ocean2.. Set up is easy. Migration from phpBB was less so. Once installed its just a matter of adding css/js/html to make it look how you want (though the base theme is quite good anyway), and adding plugins for any extra functionality you might like.

Discourse is written with Ruby + EmberJS. Updating is pretty simple with the supported docker container. There’s a pretty active community here:



Thank you. A lot of that is over my head, but I learn fast!

Thank you for the pointers, very much appreciated. :smiley:


I have a page on Wordpress now…

…and I’m looking for a Calendar app like the one that fronts this set of pages. I’m not as certain that I would like to have a discussion forum as I am wiling to admin a Calendar, and there are plenty of other discussion forums.

Did you set up your Calendar? If you did not, who did that aspect of this set of pages?


Oh, you mean the NZLarps website? That’s actually a completely different technology stack…

NZLarps is built on Silverstripe1.. The calendar is a slightly customised silverstripe module. I don’t do wordpress, but they are quite likely to have something similar2..

Yes, I set up the NZLarps calendar too. The code for it is all on github.3. Its a pretty different ecosystem to wordpress though, so you might be better off looking around at their plugins and seeing if there’s something that does the job. The Nordic Larp site seems to be built on wordpress, and they have their own calendar here:

2. There’s one here:
3., and here for the calendar code: (forked from this one


Hi everyone

I am Graham - and I have been here before, but a long long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Have been involved in roleplaying (mostly tabletop) for many a year - don’t ask, don’t tell!
Larping in NZ however: I have dipped my toe in a few times, and been super impressed by the depth and flavour and devotion involved. I am basically here to see if I can get back into the game again.
I have signed up recently to Embers, so that will help, and my involvement will always be light.

General FYI: I have issues with strikes to my lower back, which means close quarters combat will necessarily be light and staged when it occurs - so I will often pick non-combat options - inadvertent hard strikes to that area may result in a hospital trip. :confused:

Looking forward to spending more time with all of you.


Hi Graham,

There are a couple a 1-shot games coming up in Wellington over the next month or so. These could be good options if you want to do a bit more LARPing with no long-term commitments

These are:

Wilkinson-Baker Hall (no combat, in the style of Downton Abbey):
Blackfyre Rising (combat optional, prequel to A Game of Thrones):

Anyway, I hope you find something to your tastes.


Heya, the Names Alessia Morel. I’m new to LARP but I’m really excited to get going and have a lot of fun :smile:


Hi Alessia,

Where are you based? Someone will probably be able to let you know what’s happening in your region


Hello my name is Jodie, I’m 22 years old and only recently got into larping.
I would actually like to organize a Post Apocalyptic Larp Group (:slight_smile:


Hi Jodie, and welcome! :slight_smile: Where in the country do you live? If you’re interested in post-apocalyptic LARPs, then keep your eyes out for the next Fallout: Dead Zealand (not sure when that will be), running in Hamilton. I know there used to be a post-apocalyptic game running in Auckland as well, but I think that might have finished now. Not sure about down Wellington way, or the South Island.



I’m Rosie. I live in Wellington and I am new to larping. So far I have taken part in the Wilkinson-Baker Hall larp which was heaps of fun. I’m looking forward to participating in any upcoming larps and am looking forward to hopefully making lots of new friends :slight_smile:


Hi folks,

I’m Taz. Irish, currently living in England but hoping to move to New Zealand, with my wife and daughter, at some point in the not too distant future. I have been larping in one form or another since 1992 starting in Dublin by Night, the Camarilla, then in the UK playing in Maelstrom, Odyssey, and Empire, and the Lorien Trust (since 2000). My wife is also a Larper since the 90’s too!

I just thought I’d say hi and see if I couldn’t start to get to know some folks. We’re mainly into high fantasy LRP.

So hi!

Hope to see you all in a field at some point I hope!



What part of NZ are you planning on moving to?


Not entirely sure yet. Probably Auckland or Wellington. Suppose its all about where the work is. :slight_smile:


Well, those are where the larp is. Auckland has more, of course, since its bigger, and its where the large campaigns get run. Wellington has a strong theatre-style (“freeform” in UKanian) culture. And people often organise group-travel for major events.