Introduce yourself

Let’s all introduce ourselves here, so people can tell who we are. It’s not mandatory, but because use of this site leads directly to actually meeting people, you may as well say which one you are!

To get the ball rolling, I’m Craig, and I’m the (former!) administrator of the Diatribe LARPS community project. I’ve been LARPing for about seven years, and I’m now one of the LARPS committee general officers. I’m the short, curly hair’d chap that’s played such roles as Teddy Crumm, Martin Kingly Junior, Tyrone Jacksby, the President of the USA, and lots of NPCs. I’m 22, and I’ve always lived in Auckland 'cos it rocks.

I’m Matt, I’ve been LARPing for 2 years or so. I’ve played Logan Mac Roth, Finn, John Castle and a couple of NPC charactrers

Heres a picture of me at Nightmare Circle

I’m Stephanie. I used to live in Auckland but moved to Wellington a year ago. I’m short, I have an eviler twin and I’m really really bad at remembering people’s names, so I consider that the Internet habit of inventing different handles for every occasion is a dastardly plot to make me feel inferior.

EDIT: And I’m 28. Sometimes people think I’m younger, which ought to be flattering, but is actually a bit annoying. Eh well.

I’m Juliet. I’ve lived in Auckland for 9 years, the first half of my life was spent in the US of A. Primarily Minnesota. I’ve been LARPing for 6 months, and have so far only played NPCs though I’ve got a Mordavia character (Shoshanna) ready to roll.

I’m Tim. Easily recognizable if you meet me, I’m the guy with (usually messy) long (past my shoulders) brown hair. And I’ll be wearing black, probably. :laughing:

I’m… My… I think… I…


Let’s try that again.

My name’s David. There. I’ve got part of it done now, at least you know my name now. I hope. I’m sorta kinda Dutch, and half Israeli (which in turn is made up of way too many different ancestries). I came here on January the 2nd of 1997. the flight was actually on the first, but due to New Zealand being all that time ahead, it got here on the second.

Uh yeah, random details. I like Indonesian food. A lot. In fact, I like food in general a lot. But I especially like the Indonesian kinds. And I have long hair.

Which makes me cool. Really. Or maybe not.

it does. you are cool.

My name is Edward. I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Ha Ha.

15 years, light brown medium-long hair(usu. tied back), average build, relatively new to LARPing, Kiwi heritage.
I live in Glendowie and work in Mission Bay.

Bother of Craig, except I’m way taller than him, well, buy a little at least. But the same small build, except smaller.
You may recognise me from Mordavia as being that Demon at the last game that lasted bugger all time and had the mean as (thanks Simone!) coat. Also a hoast of NPC characters.
I’ve been LARPing for about 3(?) years.

My name is Derek and I’m an alcoholic…

:blush: Oops! wrong meeting :smiley:

My name is Derek, I’m 36 years old, married with two kids, living and working in Albany. I play with computers for a living.

I started LARPing cough [size=75]25[/size] years ago when I was 11. We’d make swords out of sticks with carpet underlay wrapped around them and I would invent games for my school friends to play. It was called widegaming then and all the character classes and races were based in AD&D.

After 10 or so years of that I found the Auckland Sword and shield club where I trained for 4-5 years.

I then discovered the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and helped start a group in Auckland. The group is going strong and I am currently the ‘Baron of Ildhafn’ (the ceremonial leader for Auckland and Hamilton). This is where most of my hobby ‘effort’ goes.

The SCA does all kinds of stuff to do with medieval reenactment, but it’s also a bit LARPish in that people are encouraged to play ‘personas’. However, it gets very fantastical when you have Vikings and Tudors talking to each other and that aspect of it doesn’t really work under close examination. The role playing is very low key (usually restricted to ‘court’). The fighting is full contact and lots of fun - we actually wear armour which means people can whack you in the head.

I’m also a knight in the SCA which is essentially a fighting rank which says ‘we can’t hit this guy as much as we’d like to’.

(see for further details)

I enjoy making stuff (medieval clothing, armour, weapons, seige weapons) you name it, I’ve probably tried making one!

I’m currently playing around with the Company of the Lance training towards full contact jousting.

Here is a picture of me fighting a visitor from Australia. I’m the little chap (Sir Inigo) and the big guy (Damion) was the Marshal (officer in charge of combat) for Australia and NZ at the time.


(I won by the way)

I’m Raoul (the magnificient, who still cant spell)

If you have met me, you will no doubt know who I am.

I have three spawn (kids), who are turning out to be just like me, but then the world needs more me’s. I had long hair, but cut it off, because it was sad to have long hair and look like a girly :slight_smile: .
I run the Nightmare Circle, and take pleaseure in that role.
Plkayed various characters at Mordavia, like Simon Payne (were wolf hunter), Baron Vanian Vasili of Sylvania, and Meryldoth (the mighty and powerful).
I spend my tme looking after my Spawn which I do alone due to widowering, writing for games most of whgich the players never learn so I might not write as much next time, and watch huge amountsof horror movies and psychological thrillers. Love to read, althoguh i wont read medieval fantasy. studied theology, and have member ship in a few cults. I like wine, perhaps to much, although in saying that iwill drink othger things, but not whiskey or bourbon.
Love Jazz music, especially Dr John. And i have to say that I also love Kiss, althgouh they dont do Jazz do they.
My favourite movie is Angel Heart. Favourite song is Mack the knife, and favourite food is Spicy things.
I was trained in the martial arts by my father, and refuse to fight in larp combat because of this. if you want to know morte about my daddums, then I sugest you research the new zealand hearld and the best years woudl be in the 70s. The name he was usingin them was Animal, and he will be found connected the the Hells Angels. He is a very bad man, and I have nothing to do with him ny more. I prefere not top talk about him though, even though he is now dead.
My mother is a lovly woman, if you get her in the right mood. She is mopst supportive of my Larp activities.
My favourit colour is red, it always gets my attention.
I would say more, but the only thing to tell you now is the colour of my underpants, and that changes from day to day, which would mean constant editing of this message, which woudl be a terrible strain.

Hi all, I’m Rhiannon. I’m 22.

I started LARPing nearly three years ago, at the Mordavia game The Land’s Need (5 long games ago). I was very surprised my character Dariyan survived that game. And the next 3. But was… retired as a character (read: committed suicide) because one of the other characters neglected to tell her they’d managed to get a contract with some masons to save her land.
I also have a second Elf White mage character, Lin the feathered bouncy youngster, who couldn’t be much more different from Dariyan. And a demon with a bad temper - Giz’dra Gorvath. Who has forced me to begin writing the Demonik language (based on Finnish!)

I started with Auckland Sword and Shield about 20 months ago, just in time to get my dagger grade before my first NAAMA, Iwitahi 2004. Missed my cape grading last year though.

I started tabletop roleplaying about a year ago and am getting more into it. I even somehow got conned into running a game, the World of Eran, for eight people, though I stopped it to get more in-depth on the details of the world. Currently I’m in two other TT games, a Wednesday night Riftwar-type game (my character is Enámaren, a druid-Dark Elf (NOT drow) from Eran) and a Dragonlance Krynn game on Sundays after Sword and Shield training.

In boring other life, I am a Masters student in Geology, working on my thesis. I do origami and draw interesting things. I also read a lot, mainly fantasy and some sci-fi.

I also have trouble remembering people’s real names, but I’m more likely to remember their character names.

I’m also the Secretary of the NZLARPS Committee.

Hi, I’m Anna. I’ve been involved in this LARP business for just over a year now, and I love it. At Mordavia, I play Acanthus, the healer priestess of Berium. At Nightmare Circle, I played Penelope Jaquard, a collector of rare and valuable books (‘a librarian’). At Executive Decision, I had a brief stint as the President of the United States.

I don’t play much tabletop but I do have a pair of d20 earrings.

In everyday life, I just finished first year at Auckland University. I study useful things like French and Literature (‘old books’). I complain about movies being unfaithful to the source. :smiley:

I’m originally from Hungary, so the accent is real.

Hi, I’m Catherine.

I’m a part-timer. I have an evilest triplet called Hyacinth, and I don’t live in Auckland (Craig lives in Auckland 'cause he’s worried that the rest of the country is a cruel practical joke invented by the rest of us and if he really leaves the city limits he’ll fall off the edge of the world… Now that was Hyacinth talking).

I get really intense about bad spelling in on-line forums.

Um… what else? Ah! I too have long hair. It’s brown.

And the two Mordavian characters that I’m associated with are Paradox the Fae (PC) and Lady Matilde of the Order of Erana (NPC).


And I am not short. Stephanie may be short - I am the perfect height for my feet to reach the floor. So there.

Hiya all!

I’m Erin, and have been LARPing for about 6 months now. My first Mordavia character was Star Subar (Vampire retainer to Count Von Braun and lover of Lt. Sebastian Creed), who died at the recent Black Woods game, while protecting her lord’s back. I’m now playing Ji’mara Gosath, a Demoness who is in the Berium King’s Guard. I was supposed to have a doctor character for Nightmare Circle, but I couldn’t make it… sigh

Tabletop I do quite a bit of - I’m currently involved in a SpellJammer game, and two D&D games - one where I play a 6-month-old Red Dragon, and an altered-world where I play a Ranger/Cleric. It’s all good! :smiley:

I also started with Auckland Sword and Shield about 6 months ago, and I got my Dagger Grade a week before my first NAAMA, Iwitahi 2005. YAY FOR NAAMA!! boingboing

I also am a University student (second year, Chemistry mostly), and enjoy manga, anime, and the reading of books, especially fantasy and humour. The remembering of people’s names is something I am terribly bad at, and if it is shortly after a LARP (mostly Mordavia), I have the disturbing tendency to default to character name, even if I know the person’s RL name… :blush: Just ask some of the other Mordavians! :slight_smile:

Other random details: I am about 5’6" (Yes I’ve forgotten the metric mesurement and no I don’t care), with long light-brown hair, hazel eyes, and (depending on mood or how forgetful I am) either glasses or contact lenses.

Picture? Er, here: Me as Star

I’m AJ

I play James at Mordavia, and (the late) Dr Peter Varteron at the Nightmare Circle.

I’m an engineer and process technician for an injection moulding plant in south Auck.

I’ve been LARPing for 5-6 years?

About the same lenght of time that I’ve been playing with steel swords.

I ride a Mbike, cause at over 200km a week, it’s less than $20 of gas! :laughing:

I’m thinking of going back to school again, this time for fun, not another degree. :open_mouth: Maybe Latin? I’ve got a couple of scripts that I want to read for myself.

The name is Lucy and I have been LARPing for a while. So long I cant really remember. I find the time sneaks up on you really. Before you know it, it has been YEARS and you’re suddenly the community officer of nzLARP. (^_^)
I play the infamous Mistletoe at Mordavia, though an earlier character was Lathaea. (Lath ay ah) Mistletoe is an extension of a part of myself that I dont often bring out, she is the ditz and very fun to become for a weekend. Though it is hard to keep up, I must admit. Cynisism and sarcasm run in my veins and not in hers.

My name is Andrew. My friends call me Andronicles because they said that’s easier to remember. I work at Maxum. It’s a printing company, not a soft porn magazine. My job is edit pictures in Photoshop for use in advertising. Outside of work I do metal weapon fighting with the Argent Lords.

People from Mordavia would remember me as Bishop Gideon Ishmeal. I carried a huge cross on my back all the time that caused me to get stuck in a doorway. Then I stood in the middle of that field for a while.

Hi My Name is Sophia.
I’m living in germany and finishing school at the moment. I’m larping for 2 1/2 years now in a goup called Malakor.
I’m planning to come to new zealand for a year after I finish school and as
I cannot by all means be without my favorite hobby for a whole 364 days I thought registering here couldn’t be too bad. :wink:

Hi, I’m Paul. I’ve been table top roleplaying for 20 years, and LARPing for about 15 years. I’m currently living in the UK, but am planning to move to NZ in the next two years, to run LARP events full time. I’ve been keeping an eye on these forums for research perposes, and would love to hear from NZ larpers who can tell me a bit about what styles of games and rules you have in NZ.