Introduce yourself


Hey there,
My name’s Oscar, I live in Chiswick, London and I am a total newbie to the LARP universe. I am a great fan of fantasy and I have an imagination that can’t seem to know when to stop…
I’m quite tall and have brown hair, also I’m 15 but look like 17…
I hope I’ll be able to learn from your boundless knowledge.


Hi Oscar,

We’re certainly happy to talk to you. However, most of us are based in New Zealand which makes it unlikely that we’ll be at any of the same events.


Hi! I’m Eilis, but no one can ever remember or pronounce my name correctly, so I usually go by Alex. I’m 16, I’m originally from Tauranga but now live in Nelson. Also, I’m a complete newbie (underline and italicize complete), but I’ve done a whole heap of online RPG’s, and I’ve been involved in theatre since I was five, so I figured why not combine the two? I love dogs, running, writing, and coming up with very detailed and extreme theories about my favourite books and TV shows.


Welcome Eilis, there are plenty of larp events around the country, though I am not sure of anything around the upper north island… however I’d suggest Wellington and Christchurch are your closest larp centres.


I’m Beth, I’m fairly new to roleplaying, I’m 16 years old and live in Wellington.
I really hope I get to know people around my age!! ^-^


hiya!! im libby, im 17, and ive never actually officially larped before… but i really really want to :,)


Heyyyyyyloooooo guys, I am new to this community, just saying that. I’m am pretty young but I’m still experienced with communities like this one, I’ve checked it out and I think LARPing looks fun and cool much like airs ft but with a more communities feel to it, I have always love the idea of something like this but I didn’t knew it existed for like a year now and I’ve really started considering it, I am 13 and am a active member of the furry fandom (not NSFW) just making sure because people have differ thoughts and opinions about the fandom but I’m sure you’ll understand. I’m not sure how to get starter here but I’m willing to try anything. - Dan


If you want to be in contact with me my Twitter is @danplatt46 and yes, I am a furry


Hi Dan and Libby, is a good place to see what events are coming up in your region. Note that many events will ask that you bring a parent or guardian if you’re under 16. has some general beginners information about Larping.


Hey guys, welcome to Diatribe! These forums are a bit quieter than they used to be, as a lot of people have migrated to the facebook.

As Cat said, nzlarps and whatislarp are good places to start. If you want to get involved, I’d suggest Crewing a campaign game (basically you get given a range of roles to play, and you are providing with the costumes and props needed), or attending a convention, both are great ways of getting a feel for the hobby (esp if you have guardianship requirements). They’re both relatively low-cost and low-effort ways of getting involved, and are immensely fun. Some regions also do short one-off games which are worth looking out for (Wellington in particular has quite a lot of these, I am lead to believe).

Feel free to ask questions too :slight_smile: We’re a friendly and diverse bunch.


What they said ^! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the events calendar:


Hi I’m Morgan, 29, Wellington. I use they/them pronouns. Some of you will already know me.

Been LARPing since 2008, when I attended my first KapCon. I’ve run and played in mostly parlour games, though there are a couple of campaigns in there too. I’ve been a bit less involved over the last couple of years, but hopefully I’ll be able to attend a few more games this year!


Future: =redacted= (GM)

Curious… :smiley:

Also, welcome to the welcome thread.


I’ve been on Diatribe for a couple of months but forgot to post here. Hello! I’m Sally, I’m a Cantabrian and I’ve been LARPing since last year. I’ll be co-GMing a game at SAGA’s Buckets of Dice and GMing a game at Phoenix so if you’re going to either of those you’ll see me there (:


Hi I am Matt, although a few people know me as Hawkwind™.

I have been lurking the scene for a while now , and played wolfgang once and crewed twice. But now I am looking at getting into the whole thing a bit more, so I figured for those of you who don’t know me I should say something.

I also teach HEMA and practice buhurt.


Names Connor, or Whisper. Living down in Invercargill. Not sure if there is a group that far down here. Be good to find out if there is one


I know of one other larper down there (though there may be others). The closest large group is Dunedin. You can meet them at Cerberus.


I think there’s an Airsoft milsim around that time, but hopefully i should be up there.


Any way to get in contact with them?


Cerberus can be contacted at