Greater Waikato SGM

Greetings all,

The Greater Waikato Committee of NZLARPS will be holding a SGM (Special General Meeting) on the 11th of May, 2019 , at 2:00 pm at 28B Alfred Street, Hamilton. The purpose of the SGM will be to elect officers for the committee to serve until the AGM (Annual General Meeting) later on this year.

If you are unable to physically attend, you can participate through either Facebook Messenger or Discord, depending on the consensus.


  • Accepting of 2017’s AGM Minutes
  • Reporting of Accounts
  • Reports from Committee
  • Matters Arising
  • Election of Committee

A thread on Diatribe has been posted here for nominations - Greater Waikato Nominations
They can also be e-mailed to

To nominate an individual for a position, you must be a current and paid up member of the Greater Waikato nzLARPS. A nomination requires at least one person to second it, and for the nominee to accept. If you are unsure of your membership status, feel free to contact me or the National Secretary. Nominations will close a week before the SGM (March 4, 2019). This gap is to allow time for email voting.

The positions are:

  • Regional Director, who is charge of overseeing the committee and convening meetings.
  • Regional Secretary, who communicates with the other nzLARPS committees and other organisations and keeps minutes of meetings.
  • Regional Treasurer, who keeps track of the committee’s finances.
  • Marketing Officer, who is in charge of getting nzLARP’s name out there and engaging with the public.
  • Gear Officer, who is in charge of gear maintenance and storage.

If you wish to put anything else on the agenda, feel free to email me outlining what you wish to discuss or any motions you wish to put to the SGM.

if anyone would like to (re)join NZLARPS in order to participate, you can do so here:

Membership costs $20, or $15 for students and community services card holders.

The date of the SGM has been moved back a week, due to an arising scheduling conflict with a number of the potential members.

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