NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary April 2019

NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary April 2019

The NZLARPS National Committee doesn’t formally meet, and instead conducts business through its Diatribe forum. As a result, we don’t publish formal minutes. Instead, we have decided to provide a quarterly summary of business.

Matters discussed
Since January the National Committee has:

  • Discussed the safety of larp archery in response to public discussion and a formal request. The committee sought input from regional committees and the president sought further input from NZLARPS members. We have asked a committee of experienced larp archers to prepare safety and equipment guidelines and look at a formal archer certification scheme. Of existing NZLARPS projects, Dying World and Saga have banned archery entirely, Exile has banned it from their next event, Age of the Argent will retain it, and Consequence did not use it.
  • Worked through the process of changing our account signatories and updating banking permissions with ASB. This was a long and occasionally frustrating process thanks to anti-money-laundering law, but it has mostly been completed. The process has been documented, and in future we will do this as part of post-AGM handover to ensure everything is kept up to date.
  • At the request of the Auckland Committee, amended our financial policy to allow the Auckland Regional Director independent access and control over the Auckland regional account (see motion below). This will enable the Auckland region to better deal with the high volume of projects. We are currently trying to implement this decision with ASB.
  • Updated the website to allow members-only content to be added to most pages. This allows projects and affiliates to distribute discount codes only to members.
  • Received an update on membership numbers in the Greater Waikato region. The regional committee voted to dissolve, then changed its mind in response to a projected influx of members. Membership in the region is now growing, but is still low. The region has now scheduled an SGM as it held no AGM in 2018.
  • Received a report from the secretary on membership numbers.

Motions passed

  • 2019-1 (26 Mar 2019) That we should vary the NZLARPS financial policy to allow both the Auckland director and Auckland treasurer to have independent access and control over the Auckland regional account. 5 in favour (Mel, Malcolm, Naomi, Brooklynne, Courtney)