Filing an old constitutional amendment

When digging through the constitution this afternoon, I noticed a small problem: section 12(d) on regional AGMs reads as follows:

(d) The Regional Branch will hold Regional Annual General Meetings as set out in Sections 12, 13 and 14 and elect a Regional Committee as detailed in Section "Appointment and Removal of Committee”

The bold should refer to sections 13, 14 and 15.

The good news: we actually fixed this back in 2012. Its a result of the insertion of the Code of Conduct (motion 7 here), which added in a new section 10 with a clause that “And that following sections (and references to those sections) be renumbered accordingly”. The motion was voted on at the 2012 AGM, and according to the minutes, “All motions were carried”.

The bad news: it wasn’t filed. This is my fault: I was the person who prepared the amended version of the constitution for filing (see here).

Its not the most crucial of fixes, but we should file a rules alteration to fix it. Because the registrar is updating their website, we’d need to do it by email. But it means three members and an officer will need to sign some bits of paper.

I apologise for making people do additional paperwork.

I got this signed today at the Consequence crew meeting and emailed away for processing. I will update the version of the constitution on the website when it has been processed.

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This has now been processed by the Companies Office, and can be viewed online in the register (search for society 1772246, then go to “filings”). I have updated the version of the constitution on the website:

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