Wellington 2022 committee reports

2022 Treasurer’s Report

TL;DR: The cancellation of games due to the pandemic has significantly affected our finances and puts our financial future at risk. Either we need to significantly increase revenue or we will need to move the gear to reduce expenses.

The balance of the Wellington regional account on 1 September 2021 was $5,661.04. The balance on 1 September 2022 was $3,384.17, giving a loss of $2276.87.

Our major expense for the year was the gear shed. This was costing us $160 / month in 2021, increasing to $194 / month from December 2021. It has since increased to $220 / month (see below). We also spent $622 on props for Consequence, but these will be reused if the game is rescheduled, or used for other events.

At the end of the financial year we had a significant amount of liabilities in the form of refunds owed for cancelled games. This amounted to $670 for Consequence 3, $195 for Angels in the Fog, and $580 for Blood in the Furrows. Since becoming Treasurer in July and finally regaining access to the bank account in September I have worked to repay these. All payments for Blood in the Furrows made to the Wellington account have now been refunded, as has most of the money owed for Angels in the Fog. Consequence refunds are waiting on receiving bank account information.

As of today (28 October) the account balance is $2,423.88, and we still owe $730, giving an effective balance of $1693.88. At the current rate, and assuming no more unforseen expenses, we can continue to pay for gear storage for a further 7 months. This situation can be turned around if we can increase revenue, but if that is not done we will need to consider moving the gear long before that. Exactly when will depend on how much notice we are required to give, but we will have burned through over half our money by the end of February, so we should probably have made a decision and have a plan by then.

Edited to update current balance

2022 Marketing Officer’s Report

Due to the pandemic, NZLARPS Wellington conducted no significant marketing activities in 2021 / 2022. As no games were being run, the upcoming larps list was not maintained for a significant period. Now that events, are slowly happening again, it is being updated, as is the regional events page on the NZLARPS website. I did not consider marketing at Armageddon due to covid safety concerns and there being no games to advertise there.

I resigned as marketing officer in July, in order to fill the vacant role of regional treasurer (which seemed more urgent).

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2022 Secretary’s Report

It has been a quiet year due to Covid, but our membership has remained stable at 25 members (as of 27 October 2022).

Committee business this year:

  • Brooklynne Michelle resigned as Wellington Treasurer at the end of May. Malcolm Harbrow was appointed as her replacement by the committee. (Malcolm resigned his role as Marketing Officer which has remained vacant)
  • Game 1 of Stars Beneath the Ocean was funded as an NZLARPs project

[Updated membership numbers]

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In case I forget to mention this later, if you’re stuck & really need a place to store the gear, you can use my garage / downstairs room.
Drawbacks are that I live 40 minutes out of the city and can’t supply effective transport (i.e.: a van) myself.


2022 Director’s Report

It has been an understandably quiet year, however it looks like good things are on the horizon. We have managed to have a few LARP events run, and it seems that there are examples on how events can run and be COVID-19 safety conscious at the same time. It won’t be perfect, but the attitudes and response of the community has been exemplary with complying with requirements or in some cases, making the very hard decision to not attend in order to keep others safe.

I want to thank the Committee this year in the administrative work they have done in the course of the year, even if it wasn’t glamorous in the face of lack of LARP in return. This is volunteer work and thank you for your commitment to ensuring the little things in the background ticked over.


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2022 Gear Officer’s Report

Beyond the Gear Storage being the consistent drain on the NZLARPS Wellington Treasury, the gear situation has remained fairly stationary. We haven’t added anything major, and have only tossed a few end-of-life LARP swords that had little to know chance of restoration.

The gear is held in 3 locations currently; the storage unit in Lower Hutt, my garage in Kilbirnie, and the attic of Brookfield Scout Camp. I understand Brookfield has had some changes to management; I haven’t yet had a chance to reach out to them regarding the continuation of our gear storage there, however it is my intention to do so. It doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to be keeping gear there when we are not running events there, so I’m hopeful that a new Weekend campaign or series of events may emerge that will allow us to continue our working relationship with the camp. We’re occupying more space than usual in the attic since we had packed in for Consequence Game 3 (inclusing some canned food,) before deciding to cancel the event. At the very least it would be good to make a trip out there to bring some stuff back so we are occupying a reasonable space.

We’re also storing a bunch of stuff, mainly LARP weapons, in my garage. Our Landlord is intending to sell the house, so our lease is unlikely to extend beyond April 2023. Hopefully we’ll still have storage space in our new place but if not a new spot will be required.

The gear shed itself is pretty stuffed, although there hasn’t been an accumulation of low quality gear/trash that we found when we did the initial move to this location. It would be helpful to reach out to current and prospective GMs to find out if there is any specific themes or gear they are thinking of using so that we can make sure they are in an easily accessible location for them.

That’s all I can think of for now!

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Let me know if and when you need to move gear, I can help out with that.

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Thanks. I’ve started a committee discussion on it and hopefully we’ll have a plan soonish.