Upcoming larps in Wellington

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As of 6 January 2020

A list of all Wellington events can be found here: http://nzlarps.org/wellington

January 18-19, 2020
KapCon 2020

Wellington’s annual roleplaying convention. Thanks to Anna, there’s a flagship larp, Breakout Day, plus a variety of small larps.

9am Saturday 18th - 9pm Sunday 19th January 2020, Wellington High School, Tarankai St. $30 for players, $20 for GMs, with a $5 discount for early payment. Signup form

February 15, 2020
Londinium Rising 1: The Groundling’s Feast

Welcome to Skintgate! Honourable Sirrahs and dishonourable knaves alike have attended the dramatic start to the festival known as the “Groundling’s Feast” in which the notables of Skintgate have announced their very own Monarch.

Queenie Mackarel’s “crowning” is to happen at the monastery of Saint Dismas, after everyone’s had a few drinks and done some business. Not everyone’s happy with Queenie’s ascendancy (second year running) but any bad feeling can be either smoothed over or taken out back and for the feast Mistress Kraye has waived the usual “disposal” fee for getting rid of people who’ve made a bit too merry.

The Groundling’s Feast is widely regarded as the start of the Skintgate year: many inhabitants find themselves making resolutions.

Everyone has grudges to settle. Or fortunes to make. Or true loves to find. Or skills to master. Or plays to write and perform. And so on.

So ask yourself, dearest friend: What can I achieve in a year?

This is the first game of the Londinium Rising campaign. The game will run for about 8 hours. This does allow, however, for players and crew to enter and leave the game as they wish. There is no “meta plot” that anyone will miss out on.

There will be time after game start where no plot will be run to let people get into character. Plot will also cease about half an hour before official game end to let people wind down.

Dinner - stew and snacks - will be provided by the people of Saint Dismas (inclusive of ticket price). And there will be other food for sale (available for IC purchase) but buyer beware. You may also bring your own food.

1pm - 10pm, Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone. $40, $30 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members and new larpers, $25 crew. Buy tickets.

The Future

  • The next Thunderrealm Island is provisionally scheduled for March, and the GMs are waiting on venue confirmation.
  • Hydra is scheduled for May 1 - 3. Have you thought about what you’re going to run yet?
  • Tickets for Blood in the Furrows, Morgan’s folk-horror weekend larp, are available at EventBrite
  • A preliminary schedule for next year is here. We have events planned out till June so far.