Upcoming larps in Wellington

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As of 11 December 2020

A list of all Wellington events can be found here: http://nzlarps.org/wellington

January 23 - 24, 2021
KapCon 2021

Wellington’s annual rpg convention. Currently there’s a few small larps on the timetable, including “Curse of the Unicorn”, “Fallout”, “Madame Macavity’s Witchcraft Academy” and “The Hollows”. Signups are open. If you’d like to submit a game, log in and fill out the form here.

9:00am Saturday - 9:00pm Sunday, Wellington High School, Taranaki St. Players $25, first-time participants and GMs $15 (if you pay before 18 January). Registration

February 20, 2021
Consequence Cookoff & Barn Dance

Come & join us for a good old fashioned hoedown at Staglands Wildlife Reserve! Visit the animals and take pictures in the Old Western town during the day, then party on into the night after the park has closed. More info regarding tickets to come.

Staglands Wildlife Reserve, 2362 Akatarawa Road, Akatarawa Valley, Upper Hutt. Prices TBA.

March 6, 2021
Scandal & Society 2: A Very Respectable Birthday / A Ball at Prescott Hall

A second event of Scandal & Society. As with event 1, this will be in two parts: an afternoon tea with socialising - a birthday party for Mrs Linfield - and an evening event with dancing. The latter will be a Christmas Ball hosted by the Vaughan family. If you participated in event 1, you can choose to play the same character, or if you don’t want to or don’t think it is appropriate for them to return, you can choose to play someone different.

1:30pm - 11:30pm. Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone. Tickets. $20 for one event, $40 for both.

The Future

  • All plans are contingent on the pandemic
  • Thunderrealm Island is currently polling on whether to run in early January, early February, or Middlemarch.
  • Does anyone want to try and squeeze a theatreform in there?
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