Upcoming larps in Wellington

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As of 23 March 2020

A list of all Wellington events can be found here: http://nzlarps.org/wellington

18 April, 2020
Contagion 2: Conditioning

It started as a quarantine. An odd quarantine, with no apparent order to it, to stop the spread of plague no one seemed to know anything about, including the doctors there to treat it, but still just a quarantine.

There were ominous messages left for us in the quarantine room, by someone who knew exactly who would be there. There was unlabelled medication, just left scattered around. There was no information about how long the quarantine would last, or what we were expected to do about possible infection.

Then people started putting on death-face masks and disappearing, or healing plague victims with their hands. We found not-quite-human machinery, and some of us developed strange new abilities. We discovered the existence of a dimension alongside our own, and of incursions from this shadow world coming through. Some of us became champions of this other world.

It needs champions, and so do we, because something is coming. Something worse than anything any of us have faced before.

There’s a battle coming. Time to choose a side.

CONTAGION is a fantasy/horror day campaign in Wellington, played over five approximately 8-hour episodes, two to three months apart. Sign-ups for Episode II will open in February (more info coming soon!), and there are spaces for new players.

1pm - 9pm, Online, free. Registration

The Future

  • Everything has been cancelled due to the pandemic. The next scheduled events in Wellington are in November. Whether they will actually run will depend on how long this lasts.