Upcoming larps in Wellington

As of 27 April 2023

A list of all Wellington events can be found here: http://nzlarps.org/wellington

Sunday Series

28 May 2023, 2–5pm: The 25th Annual Suncoast City Grand Prix

Rev your engines! In this LARP inspired by Speed Racer, you’re invited to step into the world of high-speed racing and intrigue.

28 May 2023, 6–9pm: Angels in the Fog

Angels in the Fog is an SF-noir murder-mystery, set in a futuristic megalopolis.

25 Jun 2023, 2–5pm: Boats Against the Current

An introspective LARP, set in the 1920s. New York, in the throes of the roaring twenties. An age of defiance, rebellion, blazing forth into a bright future in a whirl of liquor and dancing.

25 Jun 2023, 6–9pm: The Lazarus Bar & Grill

A cyberpunk LARP, set in the far-flung alternate future of 2019.

23 Jul 2023, 2–5pm: Another One Bites the Crust

A producer has drawn the best living TV food personalities to make an “ultimate showdown” of tv food related personalities. Some are new, some are old hands - but will they band together against the toxic forces of reality tv or boil over in the pressure cooker of life in the public eye?

23 Jul 2023, 6–9pm: Two Inches of Ivory

A larp of love, friendship, family and reputation, inspired by the novels of Jane Austen.

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Oh cool, the Face of Oblivion is coming back. Are you running it, Idiot or Cat?

Actually its @KingCodyak ; he’s trying to get some larping started in PN.

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Hooray! Larps are coming back :slight_smile:
Best of luck to the organising teams for The Shores Beyond and Thunderrealm Island.