Upcoming larps in Wellington

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As of 2 April 2019

A list of all Wellington events can be found here: http://nzlarps.org/wellington

April 26-28, 2019
Hydra 2019

Wellington’s annual larp convention returns for another year. As usual, the GMs are bringing their A-game, and the game-list this year looks amazing. Most games are full, but you can still register.

6pm Friday - 3pm Sunday. Brookfields Scout camp, Moores Valley Road, Wainuiomata. $75, plus $35 for food ($5 discount for NZLARPS members, $5 discount for payment before 1 April). Cheaper rates for single-game or single-day attendance - see here. Facebook event. Register.

May 18, 2019
The Expanse: Titanic Machinations

Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance fight over a new mineral discovery out in the Belt. Lies, sabotage and even greater threats lie beneath the surface of an already tense situation. The solar system is on the brink of war - what will happen next?

The Expanse: Titanic Machinations is a larp by Rebeka Rainbo. It first ran at DunDraCon in 2018. Some spaces will be reserved for Armageddon attendees.

7:30pm - 10:30pm, Vogelmorn Hall, Vennel St, Brooklyn. $20, $15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members and new larpers. Register

May 31 - June 2, 2019
Embers: Burnt Offerings

It has been just two weeks since the researcher ‘Tessa’ disappeared into the forest. Creatures of darkness, which began to emerge in places where power had once been spilled, have continued to plague the town of Duskwood. It is not yet an invasion, but more and more the local people are afraid to venture far from the town centre and its armed protectors - especially at night. At night the creatures seem bolder, more likely to appear and snatch unwary travellers. Those who are attacked suffer little in the way of wounds, but have their energy sapped in a way that leaves many sickly and can even kill, with time. Intrepid scholars who have figured out something of how the creatures work lend what aid they can

While locals and pilgrims like debate how to stop these creatures other discussions are also taking place, from the loud bravado of the Sundown Tavern to the whispers shared behind closed doors. Should the gods be returned to the world? Could new gods be created, and would they be better? Can the words of an ancient dragon be trusted? Or is there yet a chance for a new way, one that is forged not in imitation but in hope of change?

Darkness closes in on the town of Duskwood, and while humanity holds a light against it… the darkness is hungry.

This is the fifth and final weekend installment of the Embers campaign. Please note that this is Queen’s Birthday weekend; the game will still end on Sunday evening as per usual, leaving Monday free.

Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuiomata. Costs TBC, but no worse than $110 for players and $60 for crew. Player registration, Crew registration.

June 22. 2019
The Lotus

It was supposed to be a quiet trip.

Relations between humans, Kyrion, and Votari – the three races that share the galaxy – were about as calm as they ever got. There hadn’t been any properly violent clashes in months. The Lotus was just supposed to deliver a cargo of Kyrion criminals to a prison planet.

The prisoners’ quarters weren’t supposed to malfunction, so the alien criminals suddenly running loose on the ship were a nasty surprise.

The Lotus wasn’t supposed to encounter any other ships on the way, so the distress call from a passing Votari ship was a major inconvenience.

Still, as long as everyone kept their cool, it could’ve been okay.

…right up until the plague hit.

The Lotus is a sci-fi LARP about culture clash, moral dilemmas, and alien weirdness, inspired by Firefly, Defiance, and Doctor Who.

7:30pm - 10:30pm, Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone. $20, $15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members and new larpers. Registration TBA.

The Future

  • NZLARPS is doing the usual stand at Wellygeddon on April 13 - 15. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact wellington.marketing@nzlarps.org
  • July will be a busy month, with both Thunderrealm island and a 33-player pulp one-off, Volcano’s Edge. But we have nothing in August. So, if you’re thinking of running something, there’s your opportunity.
  • Consequence game 1 has sold out, but they are still looking for crew. You can buy a ticket here
  • A preliminary schedule for 2019 is here

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