Upcoming larps in Wellington

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As of 1 October 2018

A list of all Wellington events can be found here: http://nzlarps.org/wellington

October 12 - 14, 2018
Embers: A Hungry Flame

Anaiya the Sorceress is dead, but in her wake tensions only rise further in the town of Duskwood. Locals feud over who can be trusted and what is good for the town; the Keepers labour to redefine themselves in the face of lost purpose; covenants wrestle with their place in the world even as new covenants begin to emerge; worshippers of gods find their faith validated in unexpected ways and challenged in others. Some dream of a world that does not need gods at all, where life could be restored to the land in its own right and humanity rule themselves.

Two of the ‘god eaters’ remain at large, two dead, and one stripped of his power. Rumours fly about the people who have inherited the divinity that the Sorceress stole for herself. Power continues to gather in this place, lending credence to Kelira’s prophecy - but even then, exactly how anyone might send that power somewhere it could be used to heal the world remains an unsolved problem.

‘A Hungry Flame’ is the penultimate event in the Embers campaign, to be followed up with a finale in 2019.

All weekend. Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuiomata, Wellington. Players $100, crew $60, $10 discount if paid before September 23. Player registration / crew registration.

October 20, 2018
Reloaded: The City of the Fallen

Few are aware that Sentinels protect the Virtual, keeping the worlds within safe from threats. The Virtual is a complex system, easily targeted by those with destructive tendencies, or controlled by those who want power. The Sentinels are there to stop that.

To most gamers, Sentinels look like any other piece of scenery - a fallen tree that blocks a path, a quest giver with very little in its dialogue tree, the walls that surround a city, or maybe the guards that patrol those walls. Sometimes they are the monsters in stories told to make sure no one ventures to a certain part of the world. Whatever form they take, the Sentinels are there to protect.

But what if they didn’t? What if they awakened from their core programming and saw a bigger life, one of free will where they could create their own dialogue? What if they abandoned their duties? Where would they go?

One would expect, like all programs that are no longer relevant, they would go to the Underworld. But the Exiles that rule there don’t think too kindly of Sentinels. There is a long history of Sentinels mercilessly tracking down Exiles in order to delete them. Sentinels very rarely find a warm welcome in the Underworld.

Instead they go to the City of the Fallen, a world made by Sentinels for Sentinels. It is surrounded by a wall of fire and within its neon streets it brims with opportunity. The fallen Sentinels are no longer bound by their restrictions, and neither is their city. It might be the most dangerous place in all of the Virtual, but it also might be the one where truly anything is possible.

~The City of the Fallen is a near future urban city where the sun never rises and the bars and clubs never close. It is filled with tall buildings, neon lights and street markets. It might seem more cyberpunk than fairytale, but down the darkened alleys lurk the demons and monsters of the darkest fairy tales.

1pm - 5pm. Pinehaven. Koha. Registration form.

October 21, 2018
Age of the Argent 0: The Illuminine

Once upon a time, Ascria was simply one province, with one ruler. As time passed and the lands and people flourished through the generations, a descendant of this ruler saw fit to divide the land and name a proxy ruler to look after each province, naming the throne he sat on and himself as the High Royal. He left the matters of each province to the proxy rulers, and named them all Royals in their own rights. From this, the Royal Council was created - meant for handling matters that required the insight of more than one Royal, and for an easy conduit of reporting developments back to the High Royal.

A decade after this change, the High Royal died - throwing the populace into a period of mourning, for he had reigned long and in such a way that he was loved. The Royal Council declared an Ascria-wide mourning period for the next year in honour of their beloved king.

Tonight, a year and a day after the unexpected death, the Royal Council will convene to discuss some important matters. However, tonight’s agenda also includes dealing with a mysterious 9-part ritual that has surfaced in the past year…

This is a theatreform larp for 9 players, and will act as the prologue to the Age of the Argent campaign. The decisions made in this prologue by the characters will influence how the campaign starts. Participation in this game neither precludes nor guarantees you a player spot in the campaign.

3:00pm - 9:00pm. Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone. LilRegie (This event is set to private, so use the password “AgeOfTheArgent” for access).

November 3, 2018
Skyfall 0: Stairway to Haven

Skyfall #0: stairway to heaven will be following a group of survivors as they search for shelter in the harsh post apocalyptic environment of the alien invasion.

11:00am - 6;00pm, Trelissick Park, Crofton Downs. Lilregie (This event is set to private, so use the password “Skyfall0” for access).

November 10, 2018
The Kouros Intercept

So what’s the gig, Cap?”

“RV with a small luxury liner under cover of a passenger drop. Break into the military-grade safe in the captain’s quarters. Get out clean. Same as usual.”

“Why does a civilian liner have a military safe aboard?”

“Decommissioned missile boat. According to the brochure the main bay is now a zero-g spa pool.”

“Smooth. Where’s the RV?”

“Interesting part. Bleeding edge of the outer rim. Beyond the far edge of nowhere. No place anybody would ever go.”

“And how dark is the green?”

“Top credit. We won’t starve.”

Two ships rendezvous far out on the edge of the Rim. This is empty space, yet somebody has specified the coordinates precisely. Passengers and crew of both ships have their own secrets and agendas, and not everybody will make it back to inhabited space.

The Kouros Intercept is a system-light, fairly hard science fiction game by Tony Mitton and AJ Smith inspired by a long-cancelled Joss Whedon show, and is the fourth game in the increasingly diverse Kestrel Series. Some of the characters are from previous games, but many are not - and no prior knowledge is expected or required. The game background has some dark themes, but this episode is reasonably light.

There are 15 player spots. As before, if there is sufficient demand, we will run both an afternoon and evening session (afternoon session sometime around 2, evening session from 7).

2pm - 5pm or 7pm - 10pm, Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone. $20, $15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members and new larpers. Registration form.

The Future

  • The NZLARPS Wellington AGM is at 6pm on Tuesday 9 October, at the Ministry of Health, 133 Molesworth St. Turn up, vote, and hear the latest about what people are planning in Wellington.
  • Thunderrealm Island is planning its next game for December 1. More details soon.
  • KapCon has a good lineup of small larps. its flagship is “The Storm”, a Sandman larp by Quentin Bourne.
  • Have you thought about what you’re running at Hydra 2019 yet?

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