Wellington 2017 AGM Minutes

Meeting commenced 7.50pm

Present of the committee: Chris R (Regional Director), Anthony D (Treasurer), Courtney P (Secretary), Mel D (Gear Officer), Thom J (General Officer), Malcolm H (via G.Hangouts, Marketing).

Other members present: Lee P, Norm C, Jon B, Stephanie P (G. Hangouts), Naomi G (G. Hangouts), Daena S (G.Hangouts)

WIth inclusion of e-ballots, the quorum was met.

Acceptance of accounts and 2016’s minutes motioned and passed, all were in favour.


Treasurers report given - to be posted on Diatribe

Secretary report given - posted below

Gear officer report given - to be posted on Diatribe

Regional director report read - Overall happy with progress of the community to strive to be more inclusive of its members and concious of welfare.

Chris R nominated by Mel for returning officer, seconded by Courtney. Passed.

Voting Results:
Regional Director - Mel Duncan
Secretary - Courtney Parnell
Treasurer - Jon Ball
Marketing Officer - Malcolm Harbrow
Gear Officer - Norman Cates
General Officers - Lee Patrick, Toby Stewart

Motion to have 2 general officers passed.

Some discussion re: welfare outcomes of the marketing survey. Committee agrees it is something to keep in mind and to determine what our limits are and provide extra support to GMs and members if needed.

Meeting adjourned at 8.50pm

Note: Meeting had some interruptions as it happened alongside the vote counting for National AGM, so actual start time may have varied.


Secretary report:

Membership stayed in the mid 40s, so was pretty steady. Had a few inquiries for new members which was nice, hoping to see more of that in the coming year. Commitment and attendance seemed to be a concern expressed often amongst event planners and GMs, so moving forward the committee should endeavor to see if any solutions are possible. Overall a successful year!

– Courtney P


Gear Officer Report:

Dobby is a free elf!! Thank you @joker for taking over.

I have just about finalised the details for moving the gear into the big garage next to Vogelmorn Hall. One of the details still to be finalised is rent, but it’s looking like $50/month plus some sporadic tip-runs. If we were to make and spend no other money, we have the funds for this for about 5 years. The only other people to have access to this garage are the Vogelmorn committee people and the “Friends of Brooklyn Stream” people who already rent half of it.

I am happy to keep at least some of the weapons at my place as they don’t take up much room. The garage will be too hot for them - those materials degrade badly in the heat. My place is also handy for fight club.

With the weapons not in with the gear, it is probably not worth insuring the remainder. It only has value to us (or maybe a rogue theatre company?), but given that we will be sharing the space and it will need to be commercial insurance, I suspect the cost of insurance will be pretty extreme.

Once the contract is finalised it will be taken to the committee for approval.

We will also need to spend about $400 on shelving units, so that the box we want is not perpetually the box at the bottom of the stack. However, this COULD wait until after the gear is out of my house. It would just be easier to move the gear directly out of my house into the shelves. Some measuring and sourcing the perfect proportions of shelves is required.

Getting the gear out of my house will require a working bee from the entire community. But then, NO MORE STAIRS :smiley:


Marketing officer’s report is here: