Wanted: Old Immersion magazines for digitization

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Back in the distant past, NZLARPS published a quarterly newsletter / magazine called “Immersion”, containing society news, information on past and upcoming events, and general articles about larp. We don’t have copies of these archived, so I’m seeking copies to scan in and add to NZLARPS’ archive.

Thanks to @Anna_K I already have half the run, but I’m missing the other half - specifically:

  • March / Autumn 2008
  • June / Winter 2007
  • March / Autumn 2007
  • December 2006 (Summer 2007?) - may not be called “Immersion” as they were still deciding on a name

If you have one of these copies and you’re willing to part with it (permanently or temporarily), then please contact me for details. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to do the scanning yourself (it takes me ~45 minutes per issue to scan something, crop the images into pages, and PDF them in OpenOffice), then please share the results with "nzlarps.secretary@gmail.com".

As noted, I’m wanting to scan these in for archival purposes. They will not be made public without permission.


I have a stack of these somewhere, if you’re still missing some let me know. It’s probably all buried in my garage but I’ll pull them out if needed.


Yes please - I’ve still only got the four scanned in, and it would be useful for NZLARPS to have a complete archive.

(If we get members-only functionality working properly on the website, we may be able to make them available to members, but I would need to check with Anna first).


Ok, I’ll have a dig. If I don’t have them, there will be folks in Auckland who have squirrelled them away but no longer check Diatribe.


I think these are all the ones I have.

The cover designs are fantastic.

Dates read:
Summer 2006/2007
Autumn 2007
Winter 2007
Spring 2007
Autumn 2518 (sic)
Winter 2008
September 2008 Spring
Summer 2008


Oh my god. In my defence, I was trying to be tongue in cheek.

Let's read: Immersion

Those are all the ones there are. I’m after the first three on the top row, and the first one on the bottom (Serenity). If you’d prefer to scan them yourself and share them via GDrive that would be great (it took me ~45 minutes an issue once I’d worked out the best way to do it). Otherwise if you want to post them to me, I can send them back once they’ve been scanned?


Thanks to Anna, these are now available on the resources page:


Ryan has now uploaded issue 2:


Just a few more to go and the archive will be complete.


The Immersion archive is now complete.

I am now tempted to start a “let’s read” thread marveling at the state of larp a decade ago.