The Riftside Review archive

For those who didn’t grab a physical copy as a souvenir, or who want to refer to stuff later, the Riftside Review is now archived online, copyediting errors and all:

For future proofing, its organised as Game 1, “pregame edition” (the 26 October edition which hit the casino just before lunchtime Saturday), “main edition” (released ~17:45, with all the news up till then), and two extras coded by time (10:30 and 10:45). The various pamphlets are in a subfolder, if you want to print and bind your own copies.

Further editions will hopefully be added after future games.


This has now been updated to include the pre-game (2 Nov), Saturday (7 Nov), and Friday-night extra editions (11:30pm), as well as the off-game Stateside Review announcing important election news. I’ll follow it up with the post-game edition when it is completed.


The game 2 postgame edition (Wednesday 11 November 1869) has now been uploaded, with details on the events of Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It looks like we’ve gone biweekly.


The post-barndance edition (24 February 1870) has now been uploaded, with all the news from the Governor’s party.

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