IC writing and immersion

Nordic larp has an article on “Immersion through Diegetic Writing in Character”. Or, as we would put it, “writing in-character as the character”:

Its fairly interesting reading, with examples from both regular larps and letter-larping. I’m wondering what other people think about it?

As for myself: in Consequence I play a character who is literally based around writing. And I spend pretty much all of every game writing or preparing to write in-character, in order to produce an onsite, in-game newspaper. In terms of their questions, it definitely feels in-the-moment, and its a different writing style than my usual: less sweary, more pompous, more concise, but at the same time feeling a bit more bloated. (That’s about word choice and sentence structure; Mr Durham would never write a sentence like the last two, because the use of parentheses is not stylisticly appropriate). And its definitely changed the storyline of my character: an editorial in the last edition cemented how I felt about a few things in an interesting way. I don’t think its changed my normal writing though: I just don’t write enough words in-character (vs OOC) for that.

Anyone else want to share their experiences?

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I accidentally got myself into writing a short play script while playing an IC Writer in Londonium Rising, which was about two sides of a page long, then copying it out again for the other actor in the short scene.

It was fun, it was a terrible little skit, and oh wow, writing four pages by hand when you’re not practiced was both pain and a heck of a lot of time taken from larping.

But it really, really made the character feel like a Writer and I did love that game.


I’d forgotten about the play. But all I had to do for that was toss ideas around, IIRC.

Writing anything by hand reminds me of how convenient keyboards are.

I’m pretty sure the Gms put play pages into the game for my character to collect and use, but it was more like “I have paper and pen and Larpers won’t mock my terrible short play too much.”