The other inevitable post-Hydra thread

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While everyone is hyped up post-con: what are you planning to run next year? Alternatively, what are you currently inspired to write?

While I can’t write anything ATM (due to having to edit the game I’m running in 3 weeks, and finish the design of the Untitled Lovecraftian Letter Larp), I’m cautiously planning another Longmuir Hall game, likely based on The Wedding.


I’m currently toying with a LARP called The Play’s the Thing about rival Shakespearean acting troupes. Inspirations include Blackadder and Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters


If the playtest goes well, I’ll probably offer a dinner party game called TISO for half a dozen players or so. I’d like to be in a position to offer Gravity Garden Universe as a flagship game, but I don’t know what the timeframe of that would be.


Can you share any more information about these?


I’m hopefully going to bring the sequel for Prometheus next year, as well as Fallout a LARP where everyone is super villains (and has nothing to do with the well known video game series, the name is a pun I just couldn’t resist.)


TISO is a weird and experimental idea I had about worldbuilding. I think it’ll turn out to be a bit meta as well. It’s set five minutes into the future, where a group of creative acquaintances meet for monthly dinner parties where the host’s smart-house effectively runs them through a collaborative worldbuilding game.

Gravity Garden Universe is in development because I want to write a game set on a spaceship carrying humanity to a new galaxy, where everyone wakes up at exactly the time they’re supposed to and nobody immediately needs to discuss who will be sacrificed to the fusion drive.
I love the idea of a solarpunk sci-fi game too, because it’s a style we don’t really use all that often in games and I think we could do with a bit of hopeful sci-fi these days.


Well, its not like people have that much deuterium in them anyway.

But I like the idea of a game about hope. Crisis is easy: just give the players a life-threatening problem, and watch them run around and stab one another trying (not) to solve it. Games about positive things are harder.


I suppose I could finish putting together Fields of Asphodel (a small LARP about regular people who are trying their best), but I will probably be busy with getting Blood in the Furrows ready for the following June.

I’ll have to see how things pan out.


I’m currently enamoured by the idea of a Hospital Drama LARP that @Dragnew & I discussed a few times. Mashing up Grey’s Anatomy, House, Shortland Street, ER, General Hospital etc sounds like it could be a lot of fun.


well I named and tweaked my Untitled space larp last night. Might write up a more “anyone-other-than-Codyak” friendly GM Guide and after that might work on another “Hydra Films” 80s horror movie game


Just got an idea for a game about a Spy


In addition to the 2 games I’m writing for Phoenix, I now have 9 other ideas for games I want to write.

cons are dangerous.


Write those ideas down and park them on Google Drive for when you have time. I have a whole directory of such things.


I have basic outlines of three new games now (I’m currently thinking of bringing the traumatic changeling larp and the tense government agents/clones larp to next year’s KapCon, and running the World War II-ish alternate universe thing as a one-off at some point).

Also planning a witch academy game with adult and teenage roles, cause of all the interest we’re seeing from teenagers at the moment.


I for one welcome our new witch overlords.


I also have plans for a Magic: the Gathering LARP.


I now have a proper title for the larp that previously had the working title Stephanie’s Jolly Good and Really Excellent Larp That Will Go Splendidly aka Two Inches of Ivory, the day after a Regency ball: a larp about love, friendship, marriage, and dissecting the mortifyingly embarrassing incident from the dance the night before. So that’s something. Everybody else’s ideas sound awesome.

To be fair, the time that I used that trope, I started from a place of just really wanting to not have to care about last minute dropouts from the game. An amnesia game seemed a good idea at the time.

That sounds really fun. It’s important to remember the words.


Oh, I’m more thinking of the very first LARP I wrote, which was set on a malfunctioning spaceship. That trope has a rich pedigree :smiley:


I have never written a malfunctioning spaceship larp. I feel it is a gap in my oeuvre.


An oldie but a goodie. :slight_smile:
Malfunctioning submarines also count.