The great Harvest Moon ride sharing thread

Might as well get this started…

I will be driving from Wellington to the camp at lunch time on the Friday to help with set up. I can pick people up from the Wellington or Petone. I have space for either 3 people with a little bit of gear or 2 people with a lot of gear. First in first served.

Update (6/9/13): all seats now taken


It makes things easier if you can put, in your ride request:
Where you are coming from,
At about what time you’ll be available,
And about how much stuff you have.

DO NOT reply to this thread and assume it has been seen. Make SURE it has been seen by contacting the person directly.
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If someone is coming in from the Hutt are and could grab me from mine, that would be appreciated. Will prefer going early to help set up

I’ll be doing the same as Sophie and will be really keen to get volunteers for set dressing, should be able to take 2 people.

People who are keen to set dress get the priority :wink:

Yes. This. With me also.

I will help set dress if it gets me a ride!

Lucy and I will need a lift. We will be staying thursday night in Hataitai (apparently nearish the centre of Wellington), and are flexible with times. I can’t speak for Lucy, but I’m keen to help with set dressing :slight_smile:

I will be driving down on the Friday in the late afternoon from Levin (so down to Mana then across through Lower Hutt). 3 seats available if you are on (or near to) my route.

After the event I will be staying in Wellington area so can provide a lift back to anywhere in the Wellington area (within reason, or how much you bribe me :stuck_out_tongue:)

Also as mentioned on Facebook:

I also am needing a ride. Can help with set dressing no problemo.

I will also probably be needing a ride, and am happy to help with set dressing. i think i will also be bringing stuff for set dressing aswell

I have convinced my cousin-in-law to come along for the game, and he will be driving out from town about 5-6pm.

Sam has a regular sized car, so can take 3, maybe 4, and will be leaving from Kelburn going to the camp about 5-6pm. The 4th person will be dependent on how much stuff everyone has. Please contact me directly if you want to get in this car and I’ll hook you up with details. He would prefer someone who can navigate to the site be in his car, as he’s new to Wellington.

ON AN ORGANISATIONAL NOTE: The GM van needs to carry 3 GM’s, two cooks and potentially a chaperone for legal/insurance purposes (because I still don’t have my full license and my parents van is expensive). Pretty please, do NOT plan to come in the GM van this session. If, at the last minute, we have a spot, we will advertise it.

Is anyone coming on Saturday morning that I’d be able to grab a ride with? Friend from Auckland is coming down that weekend and I’d promised to spend Friday night with him without really looking at the dates.

Mel, like we’ve (kind of) discussed previously I should still be able to be a driving chaperone for you, if you need. Still looking at getting that day off work to help set up, although not entirely sure how I can plan it around my friend now.

Figuring out what i’m doing on the friday, will likely have Ginny, so 2 spaces with gear during the day. I might need a ride home on the Sunday though, but will figure out more before the weekend arrives.

Where you are coming from: Northland, Wellington

At about what time you’ll be available: Any time Friday, although I’ll need to be there early, as I’m set dressing and making a corpse.

And about how much stuff you have: One large-ish bag of kit, one box of set dressing.

I can head out from anywhere in the Kelburn or Central Wellington area, on Friday after 4 (I’m working right up until then, but I can probably take my luggage to my office and go from there).

Not very much to bring this year, one travel suitcase (the same one I took to Chimera).

I am located in Northland, but can travel into the central city if it’s more convenient. From the railway station worked well enough last time. Will have 2-3 bags of stuff, depending how much of my own costume gear I can stuff in.
I won’t have any other commitments that day, so can go any time.

Are any crew planning to only do Saturday? At the moment I may be able to turn up to crew that day, but its dependent on being able to get a lift back to the Hutt on Saturday night.

Happy to help set up!

Will be arriving Wednesday night if anyone wants to hang Thursday or Friday let me know :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for places to stay for Wed Thurs and Sunday nights. Cheers :slight_smile:

[quote=“Kharnak”]Happy to help set up!

Will be arriving Wednesday night if anyone wants to hang Thursday or Friday let me know :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for places to stay for Wed Thurs and Sunday nights. Cheers :slight_smile:[/quote]

I think I still have room in my car. I’ll be heading out to the camp at about 12 on the friday.

I’ll be in one of your seats!