Sunday Series - Theatreforms in Wellington

Wellingtonians! People who enjoy or want to try theatreforms!

I have some dates to put in your calendars:

April 2nd - Theatreform Writing & Running Workshop
April 23rd - Double Feature TBA
May 28th - Double Feature TBA
June 25th - Double Feature TBA
July 23rd - Double Feature TBA

These are all Sundays, these will all be in the afternoon and evening, and from checking various calendars, it looks like the only major clash here is with Wellington Armageddon on the 23rd of April.

More details on the games will be coming soon, along with ticketing info - watch this thread or the NZLARPS Facebook group to stay updated.


If you need any games for this let me know and I can send the files.

(OTOH, I assume part of the point is to run the ones people write after the workshop?)

I’d love more games for this - I have a list I’m putting together of classics and well-loved games, as well as encouraging new content if people feel up to it, so any extra games to add to the long list are more than welcome.

This is what I’ve got sitting around. Includes info on when it last ran in Wellington. You’ll probably need to look at the “complete” tab to find classics, since the “promising” tab favours newer games:

(Not that I can run any of these in the foreseeable future, because I am still hiding from covid).

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Much Ado About Something had a Wellington run in Dec 2022.


Hooray! It’s so long since I’ve been larping that I got out of the habit.
Are you looking for games to run, or is that already sorted?


Still looking for games to run!

Do you think there would be enough interest in another run of my Austen larp, Two Inches of Ivory? I was thinking about writing some more characters, and it would be useful to get to playtest them (and it would mean that the game runs differently if anyone wants to play again.)

Or if there’s a game I’ve run in the past that you remember fondly, I take requests?


Sorry for the late reply - I think there’d absolutely be interest in your Austen game!

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I’ll need to dig out my game files now!

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If you have a blurb, please send it through so I can add it to the lineup!

Found it! I finally got into the habit of writing a game with lots of notes, thankfully. :wink:

After the ball is over…

Last night, the impressionable young house-guests of the amiable yet curious Mrs Jennings danced, conversed, laughed - and mortifyingly embarrassed themselves at the Public Assembly Rooms in Bath. Today, your principal dance partner will be calling, and there is naught to do but bring out your netting box, put on a brave face, and reconcile with the events of last night.

A larp of love, friendship, family and reputation by Stephanie Pegg, inspired by the novels of Jane Austen.

This game will run with up to eight protagonists in the sitting room talking over the events of last night and a crew who will play the non protagonists coming to call. Two Inches of Ivory is G rated: your main risks are breaking your heart and feeling foolish. Characters may touch on the big issues of the period, such as the Napoleonic wars and the Abolition movement, but won’t examine these closely.

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Fantastic! Did you want to run this yourself, or would you like someone else to run it for you?

I’d like to run it myself (I wanted to write some additional characters for the novels that aren’t yet included), and see how they go in the playtest.

OTOH it would be really awesome if someone wanted to come in as coGM so that there’s a reserve in case of Covid. (Booster vaccination is booked for Saturday, fingers crossed, touch wood etc)

I don’t know what dates you’re thinking of, but Saturday or Sunday afternoons are easiest for me.

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Hello again, Wellington LARPers!

I’ve got some more details and an almost-full lineup - and ticketing! - for the upcoming Sunday Series.

All the details, blurbs, and prices can be found here:

(Will be updating this with Two Inches of Ivory soon!)

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Those are some very games you’ve got in your line up. :wink:

BTW I edited my blurb tagline slightly, after rereading my notes.


Because I can’t help myself, I’ve put some of them on the NZLARPS events page. I’ll add the rest later tonight if no-one else does.

(Also, I guess this means seeing if file upload is working again / yet. If so, then its time to Unsplash for pictures of racing cars…)


Thank you Idiot! I miss seeing you at larps!

Here is a logo for Two Inches.


Hopefully it’ll be safe eventually.

Looks like image uploading is still giving me that validation error (@Evie ?), but fortunately there’s a logo and the teapot image from the original run.

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