Southern Mordavia


Keep forgetting to put this one up, it’s the first of a group of Black Roman Shields which will be for the Praetorians in Mordavia.


Got to learn how to not be so busy sheesh, you’ve seen it a few times, but this time it’s modelled painted :wink:

Yes scruffy me, but heck Latexing clothes aren’t suppose to be good looking :wink:


Ok, I’m seriously thinking against building 18 of these, but so far this is what I have… Next time I’ll lengthen the shoulders they are a bit short.


Ladies and Gentlement I present to you…

It’s super lite, very flexible and most of all dents upon hard impacts :smiley:, only improvement I have is extending those lesser shoulder plates lower, I under estimated the length of them while templating :frowning:.

Apologies about the attire I was wearing while modeling, I did remove the pink slippers for the sanity of others.

  • Scottie

P.S: A couple more people helping with these and I’ll go ahead with the complete 19.


A bunch of those with the appropriate costuming to go with them is going to look totally sweet.


I’m with Ryan. Can’t wait to see it +costuming -tearaways.

Do you reckon dry-brushing the helmet with a light silver would be a good idea? Looks quite different to the plate at the moment.


The helmets will need some further latexing, going to get a bright silver next time to match that Lorica, I’m trying to get a few people to help make the plates so piecing it together won’t take too long.



Combat damage :wink: looks great when it dents.


Second Lorica is going to be off the production line by the end of Sunday :slight_smile: it feature a load of improvements and really does look better than the first one, only 17 more to go :slight_smile:.


I’m guessing the fittings of the front are pretty time consuming. As you’re making the plates from aluminium, have you considered using extruded aluminium for these fittings?

Check out:

In particular part UA 1370. I’m not sure of the scale but I’d guess it’s about 30-50mm across and I’m reasonably certain that Ullrich could supply this in a bronze or gold anodised finish. Extruded aluminium comes in about 5m lengths and cuts really easy with a drop saw.

Just a thought…


Derek you’re a legend, just what I was trying to source from another supplier :slight_smile:, I’ll drop them a line :slight_smile:


  • Scottie


And then there was two :slight_smile:


nice shower curtain!


You should learn how to roll edges. It’s really easy and it’ll make the neck and armpit holes that much safer.


Do you have a plan for helmets?

Wholesale Armour stock an okay one for US$100.00 + shipping

But I imagine you’ll want to make your own. I’ve always thought you could do a lightweight (but still metal) helm from stainless steel mixing bowls:


Hey Derek what do you mean by rolling edges? at the moment I dull them down by rounding the corner of each plate with scissors, is that what you meant?


With the helmets I’m still in two minds what to do there. The bowl idea is a good one and practical, but would be rather time consuming, where with a foam helmet it’s faster to build but getting the colour and look right takes a little playing about with it.


There is an example of how to do a complex rolled edge in this tutorial on how to make a breastplate.

However, I’d suggest a simple folded over edge under the armpits and arouck the neck.


Here is a link to an exploded view of a lorica segmentata. You’ll notice the armpits and neck have rolled edges.

This is pretty easy and you can use pretty much any old hammer where you’ve slightly rounded and polished the face and a sturdy wooden block. Rolling around wire is optional, but probably worth it for the weight of aluminium you’re using.