Southern Mordavia


ooooh, it even shines! (or is that the flash?..)


That would mostly be the flash, but nothing stopping me from putting a glossy coat on it :slight_smile:… then again just don’t want everyone knowing where the person holding the axe is… so better non gloss :slight_smile:


Hey, what material did you use for the axe handle?


Axe handle is wrapped in foam then latexed over, so really it’s a type of rubber.


But what’s the base material? PVC? Fibreglass rod? (I’m looking to acquire something like that)


It’s PVC pipe, if you’d like to get your hands on some axe handle lengths give me a yell I get 90% of mine for free.



Hey, good progress!


Hey, thats pretty impressive stuff. The Gldious on top of the sheilds in one of the shot looks pretty realistic.

Good work.


Thanks Raoul,
Today we get to test out all these little beauties, the armour consists of 19 various weapons, 7 sheilds, a bunch of cloaks and a few of my big nasty NPC’s should be a good game.


hey scott

man you are gearing up for bear.

it is all looking “shiny” good work keep it up man.

and say hi to stella for me


Hey Carl,
Thanks for that, just started on a new secret project, playing with the electronics again :slight_smile:, had a bolt of lightning hit me.

Apart from a slight tear from a sharp tree branch all of this gear is battle proven and is holding up real nice. Just trying to find someone to help out with the tunic’s and other costumes for the group once that’s done I’ll be running a few day games until we find a good weekend spot :slight_smile:.

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H’ok I’ve been rather quiet lately, but good news the first Southern Mordavia day game is not far off, one of the lovely SCA members down here is building me a chest for the game and should be ready to go before the snow falls :smiley:.

But to tease your eyes a bit, here is one of the latest additions to the armoury design thanks to Dave

More to come as it is built.

  • Scottie


That’s very nice. It’s captured the skull shape very well! I look forward to seeing it finished.


Are you doing any kind of tabbard for your Romans? Steph sewed up some for the Northen Mordavian game and they really helped make it.


Yup looking into the tabards at present, however I’m thinking of buying a whole load of XXXXXL large T-shirts, getting them adjusted and re-hemmed it’s a bit cheaper and a little faster than making them from scratch.

Also looking at Lorica Segmentata at present, which will mostly be done in Aluminium with a foam underside for padding.

Just got shipped in 4 Meters of really shaggy faux fur, which should look great on the Germanic Hoarde.

However the main spanner in the works is size, I’m trying to produce a large armoury to start with, have only successfully completed 30 weapons total, let alone really started on the armour side of things, not really expecting to have enough kit for quite some time actually, there is plenty of people interested in gaming, just in the helping department it’s a bit weak.

  • Scottie


The the gear waiting to be latex’d is getting longer again, all this cold weather slows the process down to a stand still sigh

However there is a silver lining to the cold weather, foam armour is nice and warm :slight_smile: I’ll be walking about in this for the rest of the day :slight_smile:

  • Scottie



Sheet metal? Some sort of card that looks metallic?

Whatever it is, it’s looking pretty cool.


It is indeed a metal