Southern Mordavia


Hello all,
It’s time for the update I promised. After discussions with a few key people in Christchurch’s role playing societies it has been decided that the silly season is just too silly to run an event in.

Southern Mordavia will kick off in January, with a Necrotaur hunt based in the year 1352 A.D, wanted posters will be posted at key locations around Christchurch, this event will be an “Introduction” to Mordavia based role playing, and will feature a basic rule system to ease new role players into this wonderful hobby.

Also a Skirmish type of game will be organised about February for all those combat buffs I’m hearing so much about.

Other than that we are all set for a great year next year, and wish one and all a wonderful xmas and a very happy new year.


  • Scottie


Update time.

Hi Folks,
We are nearing completion on 15 Roman Gladius’s, 6 two handed axes, a warhammer, and one morning star.

Once these weapons are finished up we’ll have enough kit to start running day games.

I apologise in the delay in running our first game, we’ve been delayed on weapon construction due to new techniques, and the loss of a few key crew members leaving Chch.

Another update in the next week or so :slight_smile:.



Update time: There is a game script being proofed at this moment, props are in construction, we lack really good costumes but heck our weapons are looking sizzling hot

Estimating the game being put in place in the next 3 to 4 weeks, Invites will be going out via email and an invite will be posted here as well.

For more Info Email

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Swords look great, Scott.


Cheers, only 10 more Gladius’s to build, 14 Roman Scutum’s, 4 Double Handed Axes, A War hammer, and to find a sewing machine :slight_smile: All under control.


Give Stella a hug for me. I haven’t heard from her in ages.



Gear looks good - will look even better with the right costumes and a few splashes of mud :slight_smile:

If you can get a definite date up here by the end of this month, I’ll plug it in the March newsletter which will probably go on the 2nd or 3rd.


Can’t hug Stella for you Steph, she’s returned to Auck.

Pass on the Newsletter cheers, going to go through other means :slight_smile:.


[quote=“Rasker”]Can’t hug Stella for you Steph, she’s returned to Auck.[/quote]What? When did this happen? Donald hadn’t mentioned it.


PM me, it’s not a public issue


Some more pictures of the Armoury.


Dude! those look really really awesome. :open_mouth:


For the record, the picture with five swords in, the two on the left were the proto-types, the one second to last on the right was seeing what would happen with hot melt, and the middle and last one were the final solution :slight_smile:.


They look really really well made. Certainly much cleaner lines than the ones I made for the XIIIth Roman Legion.

Can I suggest that the hilt and pommel be changed to bronze rather than red?

The red matches the shields, but it’s pretty damn bright.

Very nice though!!!


Thanks Derek, yeah bronze would be nice, just trying to be different plus make it easy for the NPC’s to spot a Roman :wink: :wink:


Game is taking a little longer than expected to prep for, half of the trouble is finding a suitable bush park that hasn’t got a dirt bike track or motor cross track in it. I have a few venue’s in mind, but will require further investigation this weekend to confirm their suitability.

Been playing around with the Roman Scutum Shield idea, think I’ve improved on it quick a bit. (Newest on the Left, Proto-type on Right).

Roman Legionnaire Helmets are in production, the proto-type came out well so the rest are on the production line.

More to come.

  • Scottie


One Half finished Double Headed Axe


Nice axe where can i place an order :stuck_out_tongue:


Get on a plane and come make one :wink: there’s enough foam left over for a twin.


Here you go Garth, it came out alright