Regency costuming resources

For people who are inspired by Scandal and Society and want to know how to look good. Possibly by cheating.

To start things off, this has an amazing dress, but also a good guide to how to hack gentlemen’s costume out of op-shop items. The difficult bit I think would be finding a coat of the right size:

Gentlemen looking for riding boots: you can usually find them on TradeMe for under $50 in the Sports / Equestrian section. Lots of them - Aigles, for example - are rubber, but they look fine. And if you need them now, there’s these:

(That has a handy size table for Euro - UK sizing. If you need more info about the horror that is shoe-sizing, check out wikipedia)

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Laughing Moon now has some patterns available as PDF downloads:

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Free pattern for the Bridgerton dress:

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