Ongoing updates


The 2014 event banner should come down too, will do that next time I’m on a machine with FTP unless someone else gets there first.


Yep, done.


The adserver is doing something, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed - it’s occasionally not loading banners. Is that just my machine?


D’oh! My fault. Fix0r3d.


Banner for 2014: More Human Than Human

I guess the Wolfgang banner should come down now too.




More Human Than Human banner can come down now, and here’s the banner for the next Ravenholme:


Not to be a nag, but that More Human Than Human banner is now more than two weeks out of date…


Sorry, slipped my mind. All updated now.


The latest Ravenholme banner looks really cool.


Agreed - your work, Anna?


Yeah, except for the first frame which I nicked from the banner you made for the first Ravenholme game (and added a little red border)



Is there a hold-up with the Skirmish banner being added to the rotation list ? It does not seem to be showing and I would have thought you would have found time to put it in by now.


The hold-up is that I am forgetful. Copy and paste has obliterated my short-term memory.

It’s done.




The contacts pages of the nzLARPS website probably should be updated.



Mini-calendar updated too.

EDIT: Craig will need to update the email accounts so they redirect to the new members.


I’ve updated the mini-calendar with the bajillions of events being announced.

Can someone check whether all the projects and affiliates that have ever been accepted are shown on the website? This may involve going through all the committee meeting minutes. Note that past and future projects are only shown on the Projects page.


We’re missing Derek as an affiliate.


I’ll PM him to see how he’d like to be listed.

We’re also missing Immersion as a project. But what would it link to?