Ongoing updates

[quote=“Ryan Paddy”]I’m experimenting with a scattering of photos on the homepage. It turns out they need to be much bigger than I thought so that their detail can be visible, otherwise they are just little blurry smears. Which in turn means I could only fit three photos in withotu using too much screen space.

The photos I chosen for this example are just some from across the projects & affiliates that I thought were attractive snaps of nice costumes, I haven’t asked anyone for permission yet.

The main thing I feel is missing in that sampling is more “action” shots where characters are interacting or clearly doing somethig, but I couldn’t find any that were really attractive photos. Action shots are harder to do well that portraits.

If we want to show a greater variety then maybe we could make about three of these scatter images, and show them randomly. Requiring 9 photos in total. This will slow down the load time a bit for people who visit just occaisonally, but allow us to show

Adam, could you point me to smaller online versions of the pics you’ve gathered or something? I just want to get an idea of what they’re like.[/quote]

And I’ve tried out another image here:

I think it might work better when there’s a “happy” shot in amongst them. :wink:

Also, I think the random image idea could work pretty well for it.

Something more like this, say:

Funny how one happy face makes the whole thing look more fun.

The site requires happy faces.

This one breaks the happy face rule, but it’s pretty eye-catching I think:

Happy version of the one above, and looking less like an all-boys club:

Can use the cool monk one in another set.

I’ve got four sets of three photos now, with a randomiser so you see a different set each time the page loads:

That’s pretty much it from me for hunting down & arranging photos, it’s quite time-consuming. Would be interested to see what photos Adam received too, but more importantly I’d like to get on with putting this up.

Unless there are objections I’ll work through the subjects of the photos & the photographers checking that they’re okay with us using the photos. Can committee members who are shown confirm they are happy with it? Also, who is the girl in the Ravenholme photo and does she have a logon here?

NOTE: the previous links I put up won’t work anymore because I’ve consolidated it all into this one page with a randomiser.

Who is the girl and does she have a logon here?

I’ve asked everyone else, waiting for answers.

That’s Wendy, you can get her on

Cheers Craig.

If anyone has any suggestions for the photos let me know.

I have go-ahead from:


I just spotted myself in one of those photos - feel free to use it.

Just waiting on permission from Zannii and Jessie now, they haven’t got my PMs yet.

I’ve PMed and emailed Jessie but no response. She’s the only one who hasn’t consented.

I’ve put the images live at and will be happy to remove the one with Jessie if she responds and doesn’t want it up.

It’s probably a good idea to take the Ravenholme: Ex Libris Auro banner down. I’ll make a banner for the pirate event in the next few days and we can load that in its place.

Yep. I’ve also got a banner from Derek to put up that links to his Trademe profile…

That was quicker than I thought it would be.


Okay, that’s up.

That pixelated text is something else. If you’ve only got Paint, have you tried writing the text in Word then taking a screen grab (Ctrl + Print Scrn) then pasting it into Paint? That should give a better result I think.

Brian would like a banner for the next 2014 game put up. It is currently lodged at

Thanks, added.

I’ve removed the Stargate and Ravenholme Pirates banners.