Ongoing updates

Have done Welcome and Announcements as I suggested above somewhere. Also tidied some other forums.

I noticed that the Wellington committee group didn’t include Anthony or Naomi. I figured out that Anthony’s username is “Ants” and added him, so he should be able to see the Wellington forum and this forum now. Hi Anthony, if you’re reading this.

I don’t know if Naomi has a Diatribe account. Does she, and what is the username?

I’ve asked Craig to prioritise doing the email address update for the Treasurer address. He also has the list of all the others that are going to be updated to gmail accounts, and will get to them.

Thanks, Ryan. I believe Naomi’s online handle is “Adrexia” and she is registered here.

Next time you are doing maintennance, the backstage forum “The Hera” can also be moved to backstage archive.

Oh good, Adrexia already has access to NZLARPS Wellington as a member of the helper group, but I’ll move her to the committee group so she has access to the national forum and this one too. So that means all the Wellington committee can see their forum now.

Will move the Hera too.

Craig has set up all the new email addresses.

All the redirects have been removed, apart from those that go to Anna’s gmail addresses (president, chimera) and to the Wellington director. We may want to look at making these work the same way as the new ones, using POP rather than redirect.

I’m working on hooking up everyone with the new gmail addresses.

I’ll let everyone know how to access the new addresses once they’re all set up. In the meantime because the redirects have been removed, don’t expect any new emails.

I’ve finished setting up the Gmail addresses, and posted instructions for their use in the National forum where all national and regional committee members should be able to see them.

Thank you Ryan, I don’t know how you keep it all straight :smiley: Diatribe is looking all spring cleaned and amazing!

I’m really sorry to nitpick, but could we have poll creation rights restored on the committee forums? We need to be able to have polls for online voting :slight_smile:

Good point, I hadn’t been consistent with poll permissions.

Fixed now.

Now committee members should be able to create polls and vote in them in the appropriate forums. National committee members can create & vote in the National forum, regional members can create & vote in their region’s forum.

Note that regional committee members will not be able to vote in polls on the National forum (unless they are also members of the national committee), and national committee members will not be able to vote in polls on regional forums (unless they are members of the regional branch). The idea here is to allow the online votes to be a binding vote by only allowing the elected committee members for each entity to vote. The Hamilton representative and Wellington helpers cannot vote in any committee forum.

Let me know of any issues. The forum software is powerful but there are a lot of options, so mistakes are unfortunately too easy to make.

I’ve removed St Wolfgang’s from the banner ad rotation.

The rotation now consists of:
Freeform Games
Star Wars

Here are some things it might be nice to have banners for:
Jade Empire
Chrono Continuum
Nightmare Circle
Any of the regular White Wolf games

General banners for a campaign are preferable to banner for a specific event, because they don’t have to be changed after the event. But we can do event banners if desired.

Should we have a regional forum for Tauranga? It has a larger population than Dunedin. I’ve heard mention that there may be some larp in the area, but can’t recall the details - I think SlackerJ is from there so might know more.

I wonder if people who are currently flying under the radar would feel encouraged to post if there was a forum for their region?

Im from Tauranga originally. I dont believe I heard of any kind of larp or larp related thing happening there, but I can keep my ears open from my friends who still live there

Okay. I think if we hear of a larp taking place in a major town, we should give that town a forum in the Centres area in order to encourage larpers from that area to post. So Dunedin & Christchurch stay up because we know of some larps happening there, and we’ll add Tauranga if we hear of a larp there.

There was definitely larp in Tauranga a few years back. Jamie and Manky both came to Hamilton from Tauranga. There were some guys that used to come over for Quest back in the day also. I’ll see if Jamie knows of anyone over there.

I’ve added a paragraph about hidden forums to the Welcome to Diatribe post.

Are New Horizons and Dreams in the Witch House approved projects of NZLARPS? If so I’ll mark them as such on the website.

Are there any other newish projects or affiliates that aren’t listed or have the wrong status? I’ve just marked Wolfgang’s as a past project.

Yes on both. Also, Zombielarp is a project.

Nexus, the Mage campaign, is an affiliate.


I’ve set up Patrick as the manager of Nexus, Matt Moore for Dreams in the Witch House, and Rowena for New Horizons. Managers can edit the group and create events for it, although in the case of monthly events that isn’t necessary. Already had ZombieLARP as a project.

Has New Horizons finished?

If so I’ll remove it from the regular events on the NZLARPS homepage (those are hardcoded in HTML, not coming from the database) and mark the project as Past in the database.

Yes it has. The final game was April 30th. :frowning:

Is the new Werewolf: The Forsaken - The Tides of Change chronicle going to be a project or affiliate of nzLARPS, or neither? Planning to add it as a game on the society website and wondering what type to list it as.