Ongoing updates

Last I heard, they were intending to be a project.

I’ve just been updating groups and events on the NZLARPS website.

I’ve renamed “One World By Night” to “The Phoenix Rising”, set Chris Hoggins as manager (I can’t make Kirsten Goodall one because I can’t find a user for her), linked to their forum instead of the thread on Diatribe and put in a brief description of the larp which could be improved by someone more in the know.

Added Kapcon and Hydra.

Added new Jade Empire weekend game.

Is “Tides of Change” running regularly? What I see for it is this thread and their forum, but I can only find a date for one event.

I’ve made Bryn a moderator on the Wellington forum so he can keep the upcoming events register there up to date in a tidy way, and given him permission to make stickies.

Pretty happy about the number of people signing to use the Dunedin campaign’s forum, it’s about 15 new users so far.

There have also been a lot of requests for private forums recently, so there’s a lot going on.

I’m away from mid April to the end of April, so if Anna or Derek would like to pick up doing admin stuff that’d be great. I’ll redirect the DiatribeAdmin PM email notifications to whoever wants to put their hand up to cover that period, so you know when requests arrive.

I’ve removed mention of the issuing of membership cards when someone joins or renews via the website.

At present the site sends emails to both the Treasurer and Secretary when someone joins and renews. The email to the Treasurer asks them to update the member’s details when payment is received, presumably because the Treasurer can see the bank account.

The email to the Secretary previously asked them to send out a membership card, but also for new members to create a membership number for them. Does it need to be the Secretary who does this now that we don’t have member cards, or could the Treasurer create the membership number, so that everything to get the member set up happens in one action by one person?

Given the popularity of the Google calendar, I’m wondering if we should remove event listings from the NZLARPS database website, rather than trying to keep that up to date too. It’s kinda redundant.

We may be able to replace it with a view of the Google calendar integrated into the site.

I’ve had a look into this, and it’s possible. Google provide an application programming interface (API) for the calendar and a PHP library to use with it:

So we could get rid of the event listing on the NZLARPS website, and replace it with a summary of upcoming events from the Google calendar. It might look much like it does now, but driven from the Google calendar data.

I’d need login access to our Google calendar in order to set it up to allow access via the API.

I’ve just taken a look at the nzLARPS calendar on the main webpage and it needs a bit of an update:

Fortnightly Los Angeles by Night DUN - no longer running
Mthly 1st Sat Requiem AKL - finished two years ago
Mthly 2nd Sat The Phoenix Rising AKL - still relevant
Mthly 2nd Sat Darkness Falls HLT - finished a year or two ago
Mthly 3rd Sat Nexus AKL - finished last year

It’d be worth PMing darkling2000 (Chris Evans) to find out when their Duchy of Flint old world of Darkness Changeling game runs (I think it’s the first Saturday) and afaik that and Phoenix Rising are the only two monthly games running at the moment. There’s a New World of Darkness Changeling campaign set to kick off in September (titled “Fates Unbound”)

Maybe worth including is the dates of the Friday Night Larps?

Thanks Anna.

I’ve added Friday Night Larps and removed the outdated regular events.

I’ve emailed Chris to ask about the Duchy of Flint.

Oh duh, I totally forgot - is kicking off soon (this month?) and Porl would be the person to contact for that, that’s running once a month. And Dunedin has their Packs Dominus campaign running presently as well.

Thanks for the updates Ryan!