Ongoing updates

Have added it as a project on the website. Need to do a small banner for it sometime.

I’ve also moved some projects to Past Projects, they can still be seen on the Projects page.

I’ve removed No Man’s Land entirely.

NZLARPS is the only website I’ve yet seen that looks wrong in Google Chrome. Typical.

I still need to do this. It’s on my list, I swear. Though having reread those posts, it’s moved much higher up my list.

Because of work commitments I probably won’t be able to update the NZLARPS website much if at all this month. Someone else might want to add events to the mini-calendar.

Has the FTP password for the NZLARPS site changed?

I just tried to log in as to update the mini calendar, but the password I have saved was rejected.

I can still log into the Diatribe FTP.

It’s possible that Matt Barrie, our new web guru, changed it. You can contact him as the user thePotatoLord on Diatribe or as

Hi there,

I have not changed any log in details in the ftp, although there were some issues in me accessing the repository to begin with so I don’t know what has been changed since you last logged on. But I am just about to pm Ryan my login details.

In terms of updating the site, I have kind of put stuff on hold till I know where you want to take the web assets of Nz larps, but the first thing I was planning on doing (assuming this meets approval) is port the diatribe database to the latest version of phpBB, which looks like it has ironed out some of the bugs of the version we are running at the moment.

If you want to (or want me to) do any updates in the meantime please feel free, I only ask that if your write code and add it to the site, that there is some record of it for me so I can add it into the final site.


Cheers Mat, have replied to you PM and am more than happy to work in with you.

In my unofficial capacity as webmaster I’ve updated the website via FTP to mention the passed AGM and list the new committee.

Thanks Ryan!

The Contact Us page will probably need to be updated again in the next week. I’m chasing Craig to get the redirects for Auckland sorted, as well as some extra ones created. Details that will need to be added are

Representative - Jared Hansen*

Director - Jackie Brasfield
Secretary - Naomi Guyer
Treasurer - Anthony Doornesbosch
Marketing - Bryn Jones
Gear - Scott Kelly

  • Since Hamilton is not its own regional branch (and nor has it expressed a desire to be) Jared has been acting as an unofficial representative of larp in the area, being the dude wot runs the only larp in those parts. He has said he is happy to have Hamilton larp related queries be directed at him.

I’ve added those details to the contacts page.

Diatribe could do with a tidy-up in relation to its management.

The Announcements forum is not used, and could be removed. The one post in there is kind of annoying, and the subject matter is now covered in the Welcome to Diatribe post. Or perhaps the Announcements forum could be kept, the one post in it deleted, and the Welcome to Diatribe post moved up into it?

The Welcome to Diatribe topic says that Diatribe is managed by Craig and that questions should go to Ayesha - these points may not be accurate any more. It also says that members of NZLARPS “receive a quarterly larp magazine called Immersion”. It could possibly also link more directly to how to join NZLARPS. And possibly the post shouldn’t be from Ayesha, if that account isn’t being used now?

I can see the “Teonn Backstage” category under my normal login, which doesn’t seem right, and I imagine that means everyone who is logged in can see it. I can’t see any of the forums under it.

Yep, that’s my fault. I’m still working on fixing it, I have only the flimsiest grasp of how the back end of Diatribe works. I’m still not sure how to make people see the back end without having it show up for people who don’t. Incidently, I just realised you aren’t able to see the national forum, where a bunch of the people who have access to the Wellington forum can see - is that right?

That’s right, I can only see this web maintenance forum under my login (me and Craig can see it as the two members of the web-helper group). The branch committee members (and Hamilton rep) should be able to see their local branch forum, the national forum, and this web maintenance forum. The national committee members should be able to see all the society forums.

See the other thread on the subject in this forum, it describes the setup I’ve done. I also asked you there whether you’d like me to move the Auckland-specific posts in the national forum into the Auckland forum. I can also fix the Teonn backstage category if you like. My understanding at the moment is that I should check stuff with you first, but if you’d prefer me to take the initiative and go ahead with maintenance when I see it, just say.

Please go ahead with maintennance as you see fit :slight_smile:


The Teonn category is fixed. I made groups and assigned the forum permissions to them, and removed the individual user permissions. Yell out if anything’s broke.

I’ve started moving Auckland-specific committee subjects to the appropriate forum. Scanned through the first 50 subjects so far, another 250 to go. But there’s no hurry on those I imagine, they’ll mostly be old financial forecasts and discussions about gear. Borderline stuff I’m leaving in National.

I’ll continue with tidying as DiatribeAdmin, but won’t be checking the PMs. If there are PM requests for things to be done and you don’t have time, feel free to post them in this forum or PM me and I’ll do them as time allows.

I’ve finishing moving Auckland society topics to the NZLARPS Auckland forum. What a weird trip down memory lane. Hopefully that will jump-start the Auckland committee to start using the appropriate forum for Auckland business. :wink: