NZLARPS South Island - First Committee

As a fully functioning branch of NZLARPS we need a committee! At a minimum we need these five positions filled:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Gear Officer

There are also 0-2 General Committee Member positions available, which are optional.

The committee needs to be formed as soon as possible. There are NZLARPS wide elections every October in which people are nominated, seconded, and voted on. Since there is only a short amount of time before that process starts, we are simply looking for volunteers for the positions to serve on the committee until the first AGM is held. If you wish to volunteer for any of these positions, please either post on this thread or email registering your interest and they will post it here.

We need at least one person from Dunedin and at least one person from Christchurch on the committee (to ensure that their respective communities are represented).

If multiple people volunteer for the same position (you keen people you!) then in the first instance I recommend the volunteers talk with each other and come to an agreement as to who the committee member will be. If an agreement can’t be reached we will hold a poll via email and on Diatribe to select the position. If there are no volunteers for a position, one can be appointed by the committee.

Having said that, I (Matt Swain) will register my interest to volunteer for the role of President until the first AGM.

If you have any questions about any of the roles, or anything above, please do ask them here. One of the first responsibilities of the Marketing Officer will be to determine the best form of communication between committee members, and between the committee and the other members of NZLARPS South Island, but until that time this thread will be the place to ask your questions.


I (Jo East) am happy to put my name down for Secretary or General Committee


I (Amber Coste) will put my name down for Marketing Officer or Gear Officer.

Edward Stutters has requested I put his name down for Treasurer or Gear Officer.


Thanks @Verlanda :slight_smile: Does Edward have a Diatribe account/can he please confirm? (He’ll need one for committee business in the future anyway)

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I (Sally Hayes) put my name down for marketing, secretary, or general committee. I’m unsure what my time availability is going to be for the next six months since I’m in a bit of a limbo with uni/work/my life, so would prefer general committee if possible. I’m ChCh based so that’s a thing.


I, Stuart Stoddart, will volunteer for marketing, secretary or general committee. I am willing to do other jobs for the interim committee if you need them filled but in the long term I would prefer someone else to do it.


I, Jennifer Hay, volunteer for Secretary or General Committee. I am a Christchurch member of NZLARPS and am on the SAGA committee, and am helping to run Phoenix this year.


That makes seven.

Waiting on Edward to personally confirm he’s volunteering for Treasurer since he’s the only one who has so far (@Verlanda, can you please poke him again? Not like that :stuck_out_tongue: )

The volunteers so far are:

Director: Matt
Treasurer: (Edward)
Secretary: Jo, Sally, Stuart, Jennifer
Marketing: Amber, Sally, Stuart
Gear: Amber (Edward)
General: Jo, Sally, Stuart, Jennifer

@easjo682, @sarlytheplatypus, @Jangalian, @jenhay, and @Verlanda, can you please sort out who wants to do which? If Edward is Treasurer, that means Gear falls to Amber, so it’s really Secretary, Marketing, and the two General Committee members to split up between Jo, Sally, Stuart and Jennifer.

Thanks all for your help :slight_smile:


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Hi there, Edward here - sorry for the delay! Finally got my laptop back and working.

And yes, would be interested in Treasurer position as Amber says.


Great thanks Edward. That means we have exactly one volunteer for Director, Treasurer, and Gear :slight_smile:

For those interested in marketing, I have a FAQ for you here on how I do it in Wellington:

I’m busy working on general guidance for committee members.

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Marketing looks like something I would super keen on if I wasn’t in the middle of trying to put my life back together after dropping out of my master’s degree. As it stands for now I would prefer to be on the “taking notes and answering/sending emails” train, but I will take marketing and do as best I can if other people decide they’re not keen.

@jenhay does kind of that sort of stuff for SAGA as promotions officer so they would be a good fit for marketing if they have the time (they are doing a course at the moment that seems pretty demanding - but I think that finishes soon?)

Jennifer (Jen?) didn’t volunteer for marketing though.

If Jo, Stuart and Jennifer are happy to let you have the secretary position (“taking notes and answering/sending emails” :wink: )then that would put Stuart in Marketing and Jo and Jennifer in General Committee positions, if that’s agreeable to everyone.

If not, continue to talk it over, there’s not a ton of time pressure on us :slight_smile:

Oh lol, I guess I just decided they had whoops sorry Jennifer. I’m down for secretary but if Jo wants something more exciting she’s welcome to it. Might be better to have at least one Cantabrian in a named position but I don’t mind if that’s me or Jennifer.

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Yeah I agree, although having been backstage here for a little while now I can safely say most committees just come to an agreement with each other, rather than the positions actually being more or less important than each other.


That’s true for discussions and votes, but the actual job descriptions vary a lot. Not that it would make a heap of difference so long as everyone is given a job to do, but I agree that is makes sense for it to be a named position if possible. :slight_smile:

The reason I didn’t put my name down for Marketing is I am really busy with my course (it finished at the end of the year), and SAGA committee stuff. However if needed I can do it. Seeing as Stuart had already put his name down to do it I didn’t feel it necessary to volunteer.

I am perfectly happy for Sally be Secretary and have a General Committee position.


@jenhay no it’s fine I just didn’t read your post properly, my bad

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