NZLARPS South Island - First Committee


Sorry, computer wasn’t letting me load Diatribe for the past day.
I’mm happy to be general committee, and have Sally take secretary with the added bonus of having a Christchurch person in a named position.


Cool thanks Jo. That leaves Sally and Stuart in a fight to the death over Secretary or Marketing (they’ve both volunteered for both positions). Waiting to hear from Stuart (although I don’t imagine we’ll have to wait long)

Also, please don’t fight to the death. We’d need another volunteer then. That would be bad.


@Jangalian ^


He knows, I’ve messaged him on Facebook :slight_smile:


@jangalian unless you’re like 100% against being marketing pls can I be secretary I’ll be better at that for now


I don’t think it’ll be a problem, just waiting for confirmation :slight_smile:


I will make sure he comes to this thread, it will probably be some time tonight.


I’m all good with Marketing. (Which I assume means the roles are sorted?)


If you’re all sorted, post a list, and the national committee can hold a vote to confirm appointment.

After which Naomi will have to sort you all out with access and email accounts etc.


It looks like:

President: Matt Swain @viperion
Secretary: Sally Hayes (me)
Treasurer: Edward Stutters @edwardstutters
Gear Officer: Amber Coste @verlanda
Marketing Officer: Stuart Stoddart @jangalian
General Committee: Jennifer Hay @jenhay and Jo East @easjo682

With 4 Dunedinites and 2 Cantabrians

NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary July 2017

Agreed, the list Sally (@sarlytheplatypus) has posted, is the list.


Vote set up. It should take about a week, or less if everybody votes quickly.


The motion to recognise the South Island committee has passed, with 4 in favour and 1 abstention. Congratulations, you’re official!






No more Christchurch rep job for me! :smiley: I’ve messaged Sally the password for the Christchurch rep gmail account so the committee can take over that. @adrexia you probably want to take away my backstage Diatribe access - is there anything else I should be doing to transition over?


I’ll leave that until the transition period is over (maybe a month or so?). Its still helpful right now and does no harm.

Well, I hear that moving to Wellington is a good thing to do? :wink: I think that’s it though really. I’ve marked the rep account as deprecated, but its good to have someone check it until its forgotten about.


You could just have the Christchurch email forward to South Island director in future.


I don’t mind having it, but if @Viperion wants it I can set that up


For now it makes more sense for you to have it. I imagine it will become redundant over a reasonably small amount of time.

Its easy enough to set the @nzlarps address to forward wherever, but sometimes the gmail address may also be known/used. It is something that will happen at some point though. :slight_smile:


Backstage committee forum access: granted
Gmail addresses: I got as far as the treasurer (so 2), before gmail told me I had set up too many accounts with my cell number. I’m hoping @Viperion can make the rest, but if not I’ll be seeking a volunteer with fewer accounts to their name than I have :wink:
Official email addresses: waiting on gmail
Website update: waiting on email.