NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary September 2015

I apologise for being late with this; I got distracted after posting the draft backstage and didn’t notice that I hadn’t followed up for a couple of weeks.

The NZLARPS National Committee doesn’t formally meet, and instead conducts business through its Diatribe forum. As a result, we don’t publish formal minutes. Instead, we have decided to provide a quarterly summary of business.

Matters discussed

Since June the National Committee has:
[li] Planned and set a date for the 2015 AGM[/li]
[li] Begun implementing the process with ASB to give regions control over their finances. In the process we discovered that s33(a) of the constitution requires that all transactions be approved at a national level. After consultation with regional treasurers we decided to seek a constitutional amendment at the AGM rather than call an immediate SGM to resolve this. Currently Hamilton has control of their accounts, but does not use it; all transactions are still approved by the national Treasurer.[/li]
[li] Received an update from the Treasurer on NZLARPS’ tax situation. Everything has been resolved, and we did not have to pay tax for the 2013/14 year.[/li]
[li] Received an update on membership numbers from the Secretary.[/li]
[li] Received an update from the Wellington Marketing Officer about progress on the marketing photo archive.[/li]
[li] Were notified by Amazon that our “Amazon Associates” account (used for affiliate fees from ads) was going to be closed unless we filled out a declaration that none of our websites were targeted at children. It has never resulted in any revenue, and there seems to be no reason to retain it.[/li]
[li] Discussed the possibility of arranging a screening of “Treasure Trapped” in New Zealand.[/li]
[li] Received an update from the Marketing Officer about their discussions with the NZ Herald about an article on cosplay. The eventual article is here[/li]
[li] Discussed distributing funds to regional branches in accordance with committee policy; agreed to distribute funds at the rate of $10 per regional member as of 1 October (motion below)[/li]
[li] Discussed a proposal from the Auckland Treasurer to conduct a survey on bullying in the NZ larp community (inspired by this discussion)[/li][/ul]

Motions passed
2015-2 (14 Sep 2015): That we distribute funds to regional branches (at a rate of $10 per member on 1 October 2015)
4 in favour, 1 abstention.